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Upward And Downward Communication Paper

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It is passing information to the subordinate. It increases efficiency by synchronizing organizational procedures and can ensure that all are working towards the same goal. Downward Communication is the means by which goals are transmitted and influence is exerted on employees. It flow’s from the top level management to low level management through the middle level management. Example: When your boss shares information with you, it’s downward communication, because your boss, as your supervisor, is communicating with you as an employee.

Types of Downward communication includes: * Job description * Appraisals or evaluation * Organizational policy * Organizational system Downward Communication helps in performing following managerial functions: * Directing * Motivating * Controlling * Co-ordinating Barriers in Downward Communication: * Often one-way * Mistrust * Status anxiety * Difference in values and perception. Upward communication : It originates from lower level of employment hierarchy.

This communication focus that everybody is capable of generating thoughts and ideas resulting into organizational progress. It increases motivation and make employees feel valued. It is the flow of communication which originates from low level management to high level management through middle level management. Upward Communication is the means by which managers collect from employees the data needed to make sound decisions. Example: when you give your supervisor feedback about a new system or patron, it’s upward communication. Types of upward communication includes : * Suggestion schemes * Feedback forum or survey * Grievance Procedure * Employees Manager discussion. Upward Communication helps in performing following managerial functions: * Reporting * Decision making Barriers in Upward Communication: * Delay in decision making * Loss of information * Fear of misinterpretation * Communicating only the positive results.

Upward Organizational Communication

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Upward And Downward Communication

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