Safety Glasses Essay

The surface finish of the glasses and texture is smooth and polished and the shape of the glasses is suitable to the task. However the overall style and image is unattractive and the aesthetic qualities could be greatly improved. This product is well suited to its purpose as the product is made of a hard material that is not easily broken or shattered. The safety glasses can be adjusted to suit the wearer and are adaptable to all environments in the workshop.

This set of goggles are very attractive and aesthetically pleasing, also they are very well constructed and impact resistant therefore they fit their purpose very well. The head strap is adjustable and made of a flexible comfortable material that moulds to the contours of the wearers head. The design of these goggles is very modern and streamlined. They are nicely shaped and very colourful. The lens is tinted and looks nice as well as helping you’re the view of the wearer when underwater The Freedo race Swimming Goggles have an angled lens which is designed to reduce the head movement of the swimmer.

Safety Glasses Essay

These swimming goggles have a split silicone strap with a self adjusting nose bridge, to enable the swimmer to fit their swimming goggles properly. Welding lenses are an essential safety feature in the welding industry, where sudden flares and intense light can cause eye damage and irritation. It is important for any welder to learn how to select, maintain and equip welding lenses.

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This lens is easily the most effective because of it protection range and its ability to be easily replaced and maintained.

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Safety Glasses Essay
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