Road Safety During Festive Season Essay

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Malaysian roads are very dangerous. Discuss. Introduction Nowadays, road is one of the popular mode of transportation in Malaysia. Do you believe that over than a million of Malaysians are the road users in a day? They have their own personal reasons and destinations. In fact, 3,674,484 of private and public vehicles were moving on the roads in a day in 1987.

On the other hand, In 2003 there were 12,021 ,939 vehicles on the roads. This shows the number of vehicles keep increasing yearly. I am sure, you can imagine the scenario on Malaysian roads with such number of vehicles which are moving on the road everyday?

All of us know that, there are more and more accidents occur on our roads everyday. In addition, many of these accidents lead to death.

In fact, thousands of Malaysian die every year due to road accidents. (Refer Appendix 1) Based on the statistics prepared by Police Department, the number of road accident increase tremendously during festive season. For instance, on the first day of Hari Raya Puasa in 1999, it was reported 572 cases of road accident while 568 cases during Chinese New Year. Surprisingly, on the 1 5th day of Hari Raya Puasa the total of road accidents went up to 9416 cases.

In contrast, the total of 8259 cases of road accidents was reported on the 1 5th day of Chinese New Year in 1999.

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(Refer Appendix II) Overall, the fatalities during Hari Raya Puasa in 1999 was 203 and 206 during Chinese New Year. (Refer Appendix Ill) Moreover, during festive season the roads are congested with Malaysian who are going back to their hometown to celebrate their festival with family. In short, more and more Malaysians die every year due to the road accidents. The question is, who should be blamed for the increasing number of the road accident?

The Causes Of Road Accidents In Malaysia Essay

What are the causes that contribute to road accident on Malaysian roads. What can we do to prevent the road accident? After doing some research and reading, I can simplify that there are some causes that contribute to the road accident. They are road, weather and vehicle condition, surrounding, driver’s attitude and weaknesses in implementation of law in Malaysia. Road condition Based on research finding and record of accident cases, the number of road accident keeps increasing yearly. Actually, road in Malaysia is not really safe to be used. This is because most of the roads are not straight.

Moreover, there are narrow and sharp This kind to road conditions may lead to road accident. Recently, there was an accident at kilometre 39, Jalan Johor Bahru, Ayer Hitam. The collision was between a factory bus and lorry at the narrow and sharp bend. Consequently, 5 Indonesian workers died, 7 paralysed and 26 seriously injured. All of them were the passengers of the factory bus. Chief Inspector, Zainal Abidin announced that, the victims died after getting a serious injuries especially on their heads. It has become worse when the heavy vehicle is going through the narrow road.

Not nly inviting danger, but the surface of the roads is also damage. Therefore, the hole and destruction on the surface of the road will cause the traffic congestion as the drives have to slow down their vehicles. Thus, accidents frequently occur in congested traffic. Weather condition In addition, weather condition contributes to the road accident. It is dangerous to drive in raining cats and dogs, hot day and haze. In fact, speeding during this kind of weather condition may cause the driver to lose control on steering, tyre and brake.

Driving during haze will blur the visibility of the driver. Consequently, the driver who drives in this kind of weather condition is easily involved in an accident. Furthermore, high quantity and low quantity of light exposure leads to accident. This is because the drivers could not fully concentrate on their driving. Vehicle condition We can say that vehicle is related to the driver itself. This is because the vehicle that unable to function properly will cause mishap. The driver should inspect the condition of lamp, signal light and tyre regularly.

So that, the vehicle will able to run smoothly on the road. In most cases, signal light that is not function or if the driver orget to show signal before make turn cause the accident take place. Surrounding Other than that, the slopes of roads traversing the mountainous regions and forests in our country. The road lamps are placed at specific places only. Moreover, at certain places, the road lamps are not enough or unable to function properly. Therefore, the road signs could not be seen clearly especially at night. The percentage of road accident is higher at night than daytime.

Driver’s attitude Not only the road, weather and vehicle condition and surrounding are the causes of oad accidents, the driver’s attitude is also one of the cause of road accident. In 2003, traffic congestion with this number of vehicles on the road. The drivers have to move their vehicles inched forward, bit by bit on the long rows. The drivers might lose control or become impatient in this situation. The impatient drivers might press their horns or cursing at other road users. It has becomes worse if the impatient drivers might put themselves and other road users in danger.

Actually, drivers are the major factor of road accident in Malaysia. If the drivers are andling their vehicles under control of their emotion like tired, stress, anger, worry or even sleepy, they tend to involve in accident. Thus, they are unable to give full attention and concentration on the road. They might lose control of their vehicles as “danger comes anytime without warning”. According to the statistic endorsed by Police Department, the main factor of road accident is careless of the driver. It was reported by DSP Samsudin Mat, Chief Officer of traffic team, PDRM Selangor. 85% of the total of road accident is caused by road accident is caused by driver while 15% is caused by the other factors like road ondition, surrounding and vehicles that are not road-worthy’. Fokus Minda Ogos 2004, page 78. Furthermore, most of the drivers are selfish, ego, careless and are unable to control themselves in any unpredictable circumstances. In addition to that, Malaysians love speeding. They tend to race in order to reach their destination first. In fact, speeding brings harmful. What else can disturb the feeling of the family members of the road accident victims if their beloved are seriously injured, disable or even die?

As reported by mass media on 18th September 2004, En. Redza Abdul Razak, officer in Transportation Department was Jostled by a trailer that passed by while he was on duty. The accident occurred at kilometre 14, Jalan Rawang, Kuala Lumpur. This incident showed that the driver was very selfish and did not care about other’s safety. Moreover, overtaking other’s vehicle is very dangerous without good knowledge on how to overtake in a safe way. The driver should know the right moment and the correct technique to overtake. Otherwise, collision might happen. In addition to that, the driver especially the teenagers prefer to disobey law.

They ften ignore the traffic light. They will not stop when the red light appear. They Just go ahead without thinking the consequences of their action. Sometimes we can feel that the teenagers are purposely wanted to show off when their motorbike roared past. This kind of attitude will lead to the road accident. Furthermore, lack of toleration among the road users lead to the road accident. If all safety, accident or collision might occur. In this case nobody will get benefit. If nobody die or injure in the collision, both parties have to spend their money to repair their vehicles.

We should avoid this kind of attitude. Toleration is important in order to guarantee our own safety and other road users. Thus, we should be careful and practice toleration on the road. Dato’ Abd. Rashid Yusof, General Manager of Public Work Department, Selangor mentioned that, “l am never oppose that road condition contributes to road accident. But Human factor outweigh the other factors. The driver should get ready to avoid any accident and be prepared for any possibility that might take place on the road”. (Fokus Minda, edisi Ogos page 79) Weakness in implementation of the law

Another factor that lead to the accident is weakness in implementation of the laws in Malaysia. Therefore, The Police Department and Transportation Department should stricter and seriously implement the law to prevent the road accident. For example the fines to the those who are caught speeding now is not really heavy. That means the road users do not really score with the fine or law that we have today. Suggestion Now the question is, can we prevent the road accident? There can be no doubt that it is possible. Yes, I believe that we can cut down the number of accidents by having a stricter laws.

Firstly, the driving tests must be made more difficult. The tests we have now are easy to pass. That means many of our drivers are not really skilled at handling their vehicles. In addition to that, I suggest that drivers should be made compulsory to sit for additional test every two years. This is to make sure that they have not forgotten their driving skills. 1 It is my view that, many of the vehicles on the roads nowadays are not road-worthy. Some of them do not have signal lights, others do not have good brakes and tyres. Such vehicles are responsible for many of accidents.

Now, I am sure that you will gree with me that we should have strict laws so that only vehicles in good condition are allowed on the roads. This means that the government should inspect all vehicles every year. Another important cause of accidents is speeding. As we know, Malaysians love driving fast, and with so many excellent highways, the problem has become worse. We have to stop speeding by imposing speed limits on all our roads. Some drivers might disagree, but strict laws, I feel, is the only way to cut down on the number of accidents. Those caught speeding should be made to pay heavy fines too. And if they their licences. Another important point is that the Public Work Department have to make sure the roads are always in good condition. They need to provide a safe and efficient road system. At the same time, the road users should report immediately if they find that the road surface is damage. So that, the damaged road can be repaired as soon as possible. Nevertheless, the government should expand the narrow road and identify the hazardous location to prevent the accident. In addition to that, the government should educate the driver or motorist through campaign. The driver must be careful and selflessness on the road.

Even though, there are many sign boards and speed limit signs are placed on the road, if the road users disobey them what can the police say? Thus, the driver should play their part too in order to prevent the road accident. For a long distance driving, the driver to should plan in advance so that he can reach this destination on time in secure. I am happy to hear that our Minister of Transportation announced the formation of Road Safety Committee Oawatan Kuasa Keselamatan Jalan Raya). I personally think that, this is a wise decision and right time in order to provide a safe and efficient road ystem in Malaysia.

Conclusion In a nutshell, all the causes of road accidents are interrelated. All the above mentioned causes are responsible to make Malaysian roads are very dangerous places. Thus, it is responsibility of Malaysians to make them safe place. We have to cooperate each other and play our own role to prevent and simultaneously decrease the number of road accident in Malaysia. I hope that one day our perception on Malaysian roads will change. It is possible to make our roads a safe place so that the driver could drive smoothly and peacefully on the road.

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