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It is the responsibility of the supervisor or manager to ensure that the employees are taken care of with regards to safety in the workplace.

It is something that is dictated by common law as well as legal laws mandated by the constitution.All managers have responsibilities to ensure that the workplace is safe for the employees as well as proper safety equipment are used whenever danger is associated in the workplace such as in constructions and laboratories.

Ina a construction company, a manager has to ensure not only that the employees is wearing proper and safety equipment but as well as the usage of the proper technique and way of doing the job. On the other hand, the proper attire is very important in places wherein employees are expose to hazardous chemicals such as in laboratories and thus, it the managers responsibility to ensure that proper attires are used in the workplace. Every work has its own safety precautions that should be applied in order to ensure the safety of the employees.Also, it is also the duty of the manager to consider not only the physical safety of the employee but as well as the employee’s interest in cases of accidents in the workplace. It is manager’s duty to ensure that an injured employee is taken care of and as well as to protect the employee’s interest through insurance.

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Although common law does not specifically provide the penalties when it is breached, court action may follow in cases wherein common law is breached (NSW WorkCover Website). It is then the duty of the court to decide what actions should be taken and what proper penalties should be imposed. The boundary of the penalty will also be determined by the court in order to protect the interest of both the defendant and the prosecutor.On the other hand, the rights and welfare of the employees are also guarded and protected by the different laws and legislature by specifying the responsibilities of the managers to his or her employees. One example would be regarding Tort Negligence wherein a party may sue another due to negligence of that party’s responsibility (NSW WorkCover Website). In this case, an employee may sue the employer in cases wherein the employer neglected his or her responsibility to his or her employee. In this case, the law is able to protect the interest and rights of employees that may occur due to irresponsibility and abuse of the employer. On the other, the court’s decision would also be based on trials and evidence should be given to prove that the employer really does neglect his or her responsibility to his or her employee. Thus, the court also protects the employers in cases wherein the employees may also abuse their rights set by the law.Every employee should be considered as an asset of the organization and thus, their rights must protected and their safety, ensured. It is the manager’s duty to ensure that the employees are safe since the whole company will also be affected in cases of accidents. Thus, manages should be responsible enough because of the responsibility at put in their shoulders.Part 2In order to ensure the safety of the employees, the company should ensure that the following are met:1. Entrances and exits are free from work and obstruction- this is important in order to ensure that the time of the workers are not wasted and the workers have convenient access to the workplace2. Walkways, floors and stairs are clean, and are in good conditions- the company must ensure that its building premises are in good condition and the cleanliness is maintained at all times.3. Storage areas are within reach with enough space and with proper storage materials such as shelves and the likes – for fast and easy storage of stocks and valuable materials4. The proper lightning in the workplace is suitable for the job and comfortable for the employees – proper lightning is very important so as to have an efficient workforce and to avoid eye problems on the part of the employees.5. The room temperature is kept in a comfortable level unless needed in the work- proper room temperature is also needed.6. No distractions are present such as noise and others- distractions tend to make the workers uneasy and unproductive.7. The equipments are located in the proper places and in good running condition- the proper equipment should also be located in the proper place.8. The hazardous substances are properly labeled and stored in the proper place- hazardous substance should well protected to avoid contact with the employees.9. All electrical items are in good working conditions- it is important to avoid accident in the workplace.10. Amenities such as toilets, bathrooms and others readily available and comfortable- these amenities should be readily available for employee convenience.11. Emergency procedures are available and in good condition such as signals and alarms, emergency exits and drills and fire extinguishers- these should be available for the employees to have trust and security in the workplace in cases of accidents.12. First-aid materials and personnel are accessible in times of need- in cases of accidents, it is important that the employees are taken care of with the proper materials and personnel.-13. The workplace is secure with proper pre-cautions and security personnel- guards and security procedures are important to ensure that the company along with the employees is free from attacks such as terrorism.14. The workplace is comfortable and employees are provided with the appropriate materials needed in their job such as desk, chair and personal computers- it is important top provide the employees with the proper materials for efficiency and contentment Maintaining all these requirements is important to ensure that the workers are safe and free from accidents cause by the internal environment. These will indeed need a lot of resources and time to ensure but it is also for the benefit of the whole company and not the workers alone. The company must ensure that these things are met to maintain the efficiency and loyalty of the employees to the company. Otherwise, it will surely be a great loss to the company, losing valuable employees.Part 3As a member of an organization, I can say that our organization is following the necessary safety requirement to ensure the safety of the employees. The company protects the employees whom they regarded as asset of the company. Proper methods and safety procedures are done because of this matter.As part of the safety procedure of the company, employees who are new to the company are trained not only to ensure productivity but also to ensure that the proper methods are used. By doing so, accidents maybe decreased in the workplace. The proper method is very important since it will help the employees the proper execution of techniques and workforce in doing a particular job. As a result, the productivity is increased without compromising the safety of the employees. Although, every job has its own threats, doing the job in the proper way is the best way of minimizing accidents.The company also promotes employee participation in terms whenever it is needed. The decision making process is not only a matter concerning the management but the employees as well. This is to protect the employees by arriving at a resolution for the benefit of the company without setting aside the interest of the employees.All companies contain substances that can be considered dangerous to health and safety. The same goes for our company. However, the management ensures that these materials do not offer threat to health and safety of the employees. The management ensures that hazardous chemicals are kept in the proper place and labeled with safety precautions. Employees are also aware of the proper handling of such materials taking into account the risk associated with it.When it comes to risk assessment and control, the management also makes sure to have feedbacks from the employees regarding the work process. This will determine what is lacking in the workplace as well as the cries of the employees. In doing so, the management is able to attend to the needs of the employees in matters concerning their safety and personal interest. As a part of this method, the management records such incidents as well as cases of accidents. Every record is kept for evaluation and comparison.The points of view of the employees are welcomed by the management and are basis for future development. As mentioned earlier, records are kept for evaluation and comparison. This helps the management to identify whether a certain action on a complaint had been addressed properly and if not, to take another course of action. The management continuously improves not only the quality of products but the operation of the organization as a whole. This includes the safety in the workplace and the development of the employee’s well-being. Continues improvement had been a part of the organization also because of the changes in the internal and external environment. The management adapts to these changes by reshaping the organization for the employees and the company as a whole. Risks are part of work but proper handling can lessen if not totally eliminate these risks.

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