Essay On Attitudes In The Workplace

Question: How can I put into practice Fr. Arrupe’s three attitudes in my workplace? Fr. Arrupe’s three attitudes are the following: 1)Live simply In a corporate world, it is natural for a person to tell his achievements to someone for him to be talked about and further impress his boss. In the case of my job, said scenario also applies since there is full of competition. We compete in terms of acquiring clients and passing several loan applications, which are considered factors to get high ratings.

With this, I could put into practice this attitude by keeping my feet on the ground and not boasting my achievements to impress other people.

With that, I could achieve more without offending other people. I should just work hard and let other people notice my achievements. Moreover, I could also put this attitude into practice by being contented with the position and the salary the Bank has given me since I still don’t have that much experience in the corporate world.

I should do as best as I could the responsibilities I am tasked to do in order for me to advance in my career. And since I am already gaining income, I should live humbly/simply and not spend on acquiring things merely for status. I should keep in mind the value of money and that it should be spent wisely.

Attitudes Essay

Lastly, I could also put this attitude into practice by saving energy through turning off unused lights/computer/printers and not wasting the Bank’ supplies.

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I should adopt recycling, which is a good way of turning waste into useful things. In this way, the Bank will not incur high expenses and it will be of good help to the environment. 2)Draw no profit from unjust sources Since I work in the Marketing Department, our source of profit is loans. Prospective clients come to us and apply for a loan. In turn, we evaluate them and make a credit/loan application for approval.

With this, I could apply this attitude by evaluating a client properly without bias. By doing my job well, I would be able to evaluate/investigate a borrower’s capacity to pay back debt based on its financial condition and its project’s feasibility. Furthermore, I would get out of my way to go to the project site in order to prove and monitor that the project is ongoing. I would also meet with the company’s officials to get to know more about them. All these could help deter risks for the Bank and fictitious and bad projects from happening. Not only the Bank would benefit from this but also the whole society as well. )Change unjust structures In our workplace, palakasan system is rampant because everyone wanted to have high ratings to get high bonuses, etc. or wanted to be promoted. I think this system is unfair to all those who work hard to get promoted and achieve high ratings. In this case, I could apply this attitude by setting a good example to my co-employees. I believe that by setting a good example in terms of performing well by not adopting the palakasan system would be a good start in making other people realize that the best way of achieving something is by way of working hard without stepping on other’s shoes.

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