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Writing to persuade Stop smoking leaflet Paper

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Why do you smoke? That is the question that everyone asks when you stand out side for a cigarette. People usually say the same thing over and over again, but to be honest it’s all excuses. They all say it’s stressful, its cool, its something to do etc. But at the end of the day they are killing themselves very slowly. Back in the 1980’s, people would have classified smoking as a fashion thing, but now, if a boy were smoking down the street, a vast majority of girls would find it off putting and so for all you smokers out there if you think you look good smoking, YOU DON’T.

The amount of reasons that people say not to smoke is so long, that it is basically never ending. But the main reasons for you not to smoke are that it makes you fingers smell, you get bad breath. It would also give you rotten teeth. The condition of your teeth would become really bad if you keep on smoking for a very long time in your life. It would become yellow and your teeth would fall out from an early age than usual.

These are the basic reason not to smoke, but the next set of reasons is what smokers might not know. If you carry on smoking, your hair would fall out from an early age, your skin condition would be rough and your nails would be yellow. Your face would have wrinkles and that would make you look so much older than you really are. Your lungs would not be able to handle it as it would get worse and worse and eventually, walking to places like for example walking to the shops would make you feel tired.

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It would slower heart beat which would mean it would take longer for fresh blood to get to the virtual organs. Your blood would have very little oxygen and would have an excess of nicotine. Smoking is the main reason for cancer because it affects the brain as the tobacco can affect your body badly. If you smoke and are planning to have kids then the chances of that happening would be limited as smoking does make you become infertile, which means it would prevent you from producing babies.

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