Novel "Overboard" by Ingrid Noll

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Gladly accepted the invitation of the half-brother Gerd to a Mediterranean cruise Ellen and daughter Amalia. Ellen Tunkel is divorced, is in the midst menopause and could never afford such a trip with her salary as employees in the registration office. The 24-year-old Amalia’s assistant and still lives with nuts. The third in the league is living the widowed grandmother Hildegard, the other next to Ellen four children has raised. “Nonnenhaus” called in the vernacular the heavy need of renovation old villa Tunkel, built in 1902, in which dwells the tight-knit community of women.

Recently, Gerd has surfaced, and its apparent family idyll has severely shaken up. He claims that is, he was the son of Hildegard’s late husband Rudolf, so Ellen’s half-brother. Ellen can not believe though, but Mother confesses to have not only always known from infidelity of her husband, but also of the subsequent men’s Deal: With the strong argument to a generous donation Rudolf was able to convince a friend that the object of his brief love affair – to take to wife.

But the good Hildegard it had fist-thick behind the ears – Gerd’s mother: She has moreover engaged in a one-night stand to access. their way of revenge. However, since she was wrong: The flirtation was threaded mean, Hildegard only pawn in a bet. The Cuckoo’s Child – Ellen – and enjoys her princess, and in the case of inheritance is the traditional villa where the old hut does not collapse before to anyone else

Now they stick into the lake.

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. Given the financial circumstances have Ellen and hired Amalia for the occasion adequate clothing and related an inside cabin, while Gerd and wife Ortrud make yourself comfortable in the better category. Amalia is constantly on tour, always in a desperate search for young people, but the liner is home obviously only best-agers . Ellen, however, is hopeful on board to find a good match in this well-off society. One obvious option would be for Gerd. Ellen thought that he will not stand it much longer with Ortrud. It is either completely drunk, or smokes like the chimney of her chugging steamer or she annoys her surroundings with her showing off as an interior designer for Haute Volaute. But those days are long over. But while Ellen to ingratiate Gerd, these other plans has …

This is the day that last-minute – Bonbon: Enjoy the last sunny days of autumn in an intimate circle at < em offers a therapy> Captain’s dinner between would-rich snobs and guys with crazy activities and sources of funding as the couple brown, depressed animals. They travel in Mission for a wealthy client to the ashes of his beloved dog at a specific coordinate system to bury at sea.

Since anno 1993, the crime Lady Ingrid Noll with their debut  writing can Ingrid Noll still. She has a good eye can analyze people well and design their characters believable and represent smugly. The sting has become blunt: Today she writes amiable, and the bitter evil Sarcastic, the Refined have lost her unfortunately. Her latest novel “Overboard” is always enjoyable, light entertainment fare that everyone. will like to read. In the beautiful blue bound leash issue of Diogenes, it is a fine book, and suitable as a nice souvenir.

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Novel "Overboard" by Ingrid Noll
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