Topics: Management

Chapter 1. Introduction

1.1 Introduction to System

In Our System we can provide the online Platform to deal with people who are pharmacy management owner or vendor. In this system we can provide web application which is user by doctors or any hospital person so we have make one quotation system for the user and customer also so here we can put our product in our system and customer can buy that product from our system and as well as he/she can order or submit the quotation threw our system.

The practice of pharmacy involves the general implementation of medical orders which entails the evaluation and the interpretation of the medical orders, the administration of drugs, dispensation of prescribed drugs from qualified medical practitioners, the review of prescribed drug regimen, and the correct storage of drugs. The American Pharmacists Association has described pharmacy as having a mission which is the responsibility of ensuring the use of medication in the right way and manner, and enjoying the services of drugs to ensure the achievement of optimized results in therapeutic applications, In addition, the birth of modern pharmacy has brought with it some positive effects in the society; like the increase in life expectancy globally from 45 years to 50 years, which some argue is as a result of the number of breakthroughs recorded in pharmacy over the last century.

These breakthroughs such as: the discovery of new compounds in battling existing ailments and the invention of methods and devices to accurately dispense drugs have been welcomed with open arms by the society More so, the hospital pharmacy is usually located in hospitals (government-owned or private) and provides in-house pharmaceutical care to patients.

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Hospital pharmacists are those that function within a hospital pharmacy system and are tasked with the dispensing of prescriptions, the purchase of medicines, and the testing of these medicines. In the hospital pharmacy, access to medical records make it easy to influence the selection of drugs based on allergies or previous problems encountered. Subsequently, the power to control the process of going into the acquisition of drugs and other pharmaceutical devices, help in ensuring the supply of premium quality drugs. Furthermore, Hospital pharmacies which are owned by the government have little or no problems with financing projects due to backing from the government. Also, the community pharmacies may not have the permission to dispense certain drugs which may be due to the nature of such drugs and the prices of drugs are not as subsidized as those in hospital pharmacies, The proposed system aims to connect and serve as an intermediary between hospital pharmacies and drug manufacturers, through a platform that allows the order of drugs with the click of a button, and simultaneously keeps track of what drugs have been ordered and in what quantity.

1.2 Limitation of Existing System

• Hardware Failure.

• System Failure.

• Electricity Failure.

• System Maintenance

1.3 Objective of the new system.

The Objective of the project is to achieve the goals listed below which will help you to outlet manager to manage their service more efficiently.

• Create User

• Register Or Login User

• Upload Product

• User can see product

• Add Product to cart

• See and update cart

• Submit cart

• History

• Contact Us

• Submitted Cart ordered List


1.4 Problem Definition

• There are no other Management System which manages their activities.

• Currently it is manage by paper work.

• It is time consuming.

• In this we can deal with many person and we can store all data to one particular place

• Easy access and dealing

• In history you can see you details

• You can update you user credential.

• The pharmacist has to order drugs to replenish the already diminishing stock. In addition, ordering of drugs is being carried out manually.

• Significant amount of time is allocated for writing the order as the pharmacist needs to go through the stock balance and make rough estimate of the amount to order based on Figures

• Drugs are not supposed to be used after they have expired. This project work will prompt the pharmacist about drugs that are close to expiry, preventing those drugs from being sold and also providing solution to the earlier stated problems.

Chapter-2.Requirement Analysis

2.1 Feasibility Study

• A feasibility study is a preliminary study undertaken to determine and document a project’s viability.

• It is an analysis of possible alternative solutions to a problem and a recommendation on the best alternative.

1) Technical Feasibility.

2) Economic Feasibility.

3) Operational Feasibility.

1) Technical Feasibility

The following factors suffice for considering the given project as Technically Feasible.

The system developed in .Net technology which is well known and today we can easily get the technical help of both the technologies from the internet.

The system development is done in Visual studio for the ease and powerful performance.

We have used this technology and similar types of tools that can be useful to develop this system.

The project will be implemented using MySQL which are readily available for the development environment.

2) Economic Feasibility

Economic feasibility is very important in development of the software for any company.Because it gives an idea , whether the project going to be developed can be completed at a cost affordable by the team.

The availability of the required hardware and software used to develop our project makes it economically feasible.

3) Operational Feasibility

The following factors suffice for considering the given project as Technically Feasible.

AS the system is going to be developed at the place where it is going to be implemented, the track of the operations related to the software is constantly monitored by them and sufficient support is available.


2.2 Requirement of System(Functional and Non-Functional)

• Users :

(1) Admin.

– Login.

– Manage User.

-Manage History

– Manage Contact Us.

– Manage Product.

(2) User

– Registration.

– Login.

– Product list.

– Profile update.

– Post Complaint.

• Modules:

1. User Registration.

2. User Login.

3. User Homepage.

4. User Product list.

5. User History.

6. Cart

7. User Quotation

8. Admin Login

9. Admin User management.

10. Admin History.


2.3 Tools and Technology Used

• The tools and technology used in our system are:-



(iii)My SQL.

(iv).NET Framework.


Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the standard markup language for documents designed to be displayed in a web browser. It can be assisted by technologies such as Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and scripting languages such as JavaScript.

Web browsers receive HTML documents from a web server or from local storage and render the documents into multimedia web pages. HTML describes the structure of a web page semantically and originally included cues for the appearance of the document.

HTML elements are the building blocks of HTML pages. With HTML constructs, images and other objects such as interactive forms may be embedded into the rendered page. HTML provides a means to create structured documents by denoting structural semantics for text such as headings, paragraphs, lists, links, quotes and other items. HTML elements are delineated by tags, written using angle brackets. Tags such as directly introduce content into the page. Other tags such as surround and provide information about document text and may include other tags as sub-elements. Browsers do not display the HTML tags, but use them to interpret the content of the page.

jQuery is a JavaScript library designed to simplify HTML DOM tree traversal and manipulation, as well as event handling, CSS animation, and Ajax. It is free, open-source software using the permissive MIT License. As of May 2019, jQuery is used by 73% of the 10 million most popular websites. Web analysis indicates that it is the most widely deployed JavaScript library by a large margin, having 3 to 4 times more usage than any other JavaScript library.

jQuery’s syntax is designed to make it easier to navigate a document, select DOM elements, create animations, handle events, and develop Ajax applications. jQuery also provides capabilities for developers to create plug-ins on top of the JavaScript library. This enables developers to create abstractions for low-level interaction and animation, advanced effects and high-level, themeable widgets. The modular approach to the jQuery library allows the creation of powerful dynamic web pages and Web applications.

(iii)My SQL

MySQL is written in C and C++. Its SQL parser is written in yacc, but it uses a home-brewed lexical analyzer. MySQL works on many system platforms, including AIX, BSDi, FreeBSD, HP-UX, eComStation, i5/OS, IRIX, Linux, macOS, Microsoft Windows, NetBSD, Novell NetWare, OpenBSD, OpenSolaris, OS/2 Warp, QNX, Oracle Solaris, Symbian, SunOS, SCO OpenServer, SCO UnixWare, Sanos and Tru64. A port of MySQL to OpenVMS also exists.

The MySQL server software itself and the client libraries use dual-licensing distribution. They are offered under GPL version 2, beginning from 28 June 2000 (which in 2009 has been extended with a FLOSS License Exception) or to use a proprietary license.

Support can be obtained from the official manual. Free support additionally is available in different IRC channels and forums. Oracle offers paid support via its MySQL Enterprise products. They differ in the scope of services and in price. Additionally, a number of third party organisations exist to provide support and services, including MariaDB and Percona.

MySQL has received positive reviews, and reviewers noticed it “performs extremely well in the average case” and that the “developer interfaces are there, and the documentation (not to mention feedback in the real world via Web sites and the like) is very, very good”. It has also been tested to be a “fast, stable and true multi-user, multi-threaded sql database server”.

(iv).NET Framework

.NET Framework (pronounced as “dot net”) is a software framework developed by Microsoft that runs primarily on Microsoft Windows. It includes a large class library named as Framework Class Library (FCL) and provides language interoperability (each language can use code written in other languages) across several programming languages. Programs written for .NET Framework execute in a software environment (in contrast to a hardware environment) named the Common Language Runtime (CLR). The CLR is an application virtual machine that provides services such as security, memory management, and exception handling. As such, computer code written using .NET Framework is called “managed code”. FCL and CLR together constitute the .NET Framework.

FCL provides user interface, data access, database connectivity, cryptography, web application development, numeric algorithms, and network communications. Programmers produce software by combining their source code with .NET Framework and other libraries. The framework is intended to be used by most new applications created for the Windows platform. Microsoft also produces an integrated development environment largely for .NET software called Visual Studio.

Hardware Requirement:

• RAM : 4GB or more.

• Hard Disk Drive : 250 GB or more.

• Processor : High Processing Power CPU.


2.4 Project Estimation:

• The project is required to be finished within 6 or 8 months.

• The cost of the project is still to be estimated.

• The cost of making website and establish the server with different outlets will be calculated.

• The Installation of system would be challenging task as connecting the website with the server.


Chapter-3.System Design

3.1 Activity Diagram


3.2 Activity Diagram

3.3 Use case Diagram

3.4 Cart Activity

3.5 Sequence Diagram

Chapter-4.Data Dictionary

1. User Table

Column Type Length Constraint

Id Int 50 Primary Key

Email Varchar 50 NotNull

Name Varchar 50 NotNull

Password Varchar 50 NotNull

Contact No Varchar 50 NotNull

Usertype Varchar 50 NotNull

Isactive Bit 50 NotNull

2. Product Table

Column Type Length Constraint

Product Id Int 5 Primary Key

Product Code Varchar 50 NotNull

Product Name Varchar 50 NotNull

IsActive Bit 5 NotNull

UserId Int 5 Foreign key

Price Decimal (5,2) NotNull

Column Type Length Constraint

Id Int 50 Primary Key

Email Varchar 50 NotNull

Name Varchar 50 NotNull

Password Varchar 50 NotNull

Contact No Varchar 50 NotNull

Usertype Varchar 50 NotNull

Isactive Bit 50 NotNull

3. Admin Table

4. Cart Table

Column Type Length Constraint

Cart_id Int 5 Primary Key,NotNull

User_id Int 5 ForeginKey ,NotNull

Product Id Int 5 ForeginKey ,NotNull

Name Varchar 50 Not Null

Quantity Varchar 50 Not Null

Ref No NVarchar 50 Not Null


1. Registeration Page:-

2. Login Page:-

3. Adminside Login Page:-

Chapter-6.Future Enhancement

In the future pharmacy manager can generate prescription as labels and we can put that prescription details in product also. The whole project will be made available as an web app for far more ease of use and mobility.Increasing facilities of this software.Medicine Purchase Request & Order to manage the purchase requests and order requests received for the medicines.Physical stock verification & adjustment is responsible to verify the physical stock and the decision, regarding adjustment (if required) can take place.Destruction of Expired Items is again vital to have the information of expired items that need to be destructed so that the process can be held timely.Return of items nearing Expiry is a record of items nearing the expiry date, so this way they can be returned on time?


• Pharmacy management system is actually a software which handle the essential data and save the data and actually about the database of a pharmacy and its management.

• This software helps in effectively management of the pharmaceutical store or shop.

• It provides the statistics about medicine or drugs which are in stocks which data can also be updated and edited.

• It works as per the requirement of the user and have options accordingly.

• It allow user to enter manufacturing as well as the expiry date of medicine placing in stock and for sales transaction.

• This software also has ability to print reports and receipts etc.


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