Nstp Narrative Report: Helphing Orphaned Children

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Being able to help is a privilege for us students for it teaches us how to become concerned to those who are in need, it helps us to understand the spirit of compassion and to share what we have to and abolish the selfishness hidden deep within us. Last July 15, 2012, our NSTP class went to Huspicio de San Jose to conduct a visit to the special children housed in the said orphanage. We hired a jeepney and we rode it going to Huspicio where the children are waiting for us.

We brought prizes and candies for and we prepared games for them to enjoy.

Our Visit to the Orphanage

We also organized a program and prepared snacks for the special children. We all helped for the success of the aid event. The program started with a prayer, thanking God’s graces and for us arriving to the site safely. And then, an opening remark was made and the caregivers in Huspicio introduced each of the children, with their personal background such as their names, ages and the sickness and mental disorder that they are encountering.

They also shared to us that most of the children are very talented: they can sing and some can even dance very well.

These have put a smile in our faces. We also conducted an exercise to warm up our muscles for the long day. The excitement grew when the game proper has started. The first game is a guessing game. Each contestant should correctly guess the name of the fruit in the picture shown to them.

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We can see to the children’s eyes their enthusiasm to answer every picture, and their smiles tell that they are enjoying the game. During the event, I took care of Mayang, a special child in Huspicio whose disorder is cerebral palsy.

Her real name is Maria, but her close friends as well as the caregivers chose to call her Mayang as her pet name. She’s a very sweet kid, in fact, she loves to hug and cuddle my arms and hands. She looks so cute every time she smiles. A very jolly person, she likes to dance and she’s indeed very good in it. We enjoyed each other’s company, especially when we joined the games that the class has prepared. We laughed and cheered every time she wins a game, and we danced with the music playing in the background.

When I look at Mayang, it seems that she’s a normal kid just like everybody else. Yes, maybe she’s a disabled person but still, she’s like us, like me. She has feelings just like the all of us, and wants to enjoy life just like everybody else. I enjoyed being with Mayang, I started to care for her like she’s my own younger sister. She’s a blessing from God and she deserved to be loved and cared for. We ate snacks together with the children, and shared memories that will be forever seared in our memories. W bade farewell to each one of them, promising that we will meet again soon.

I kissed Mayang’s forehead, and she gently squeezed my hands, our fingers interlocked. This’ll be a temporary good-bye for the both of us. I’m looking forward to our next visit in Huspicio de San Jose. This activity made me realize many things, things that made a great impact to my life. It is indeed my first time to encounter these kind of people, yet, I already felt love and concern for them. They made me realize how lucky and blessed I am. Thanks to NSTP, I had a chance to share my time to these children. I hope that our next visit will be as fruitful as this.

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Nstp Narrative Report: Helphing Orphaned Children
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