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Southern Luzon State University College of Allied Medicine Lucban, Quezon NARRATIVE REPORT “Gumaca District Hospital and Magsaysay Memorial District Hospital” There are many truths of which the full meaning cannot be realized until personal experience has brought it home. True, isn’t it? I really believe that in life, its essence will never be determined until you never experienced the happiness of it. Same with our profession, the nursing profession, its core will never be felt until you put it into practice.

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This was what I had experience for my past duties in two district hospitals, specifically in Gumaca District Hospital and Magsaysay Memorial District Hospital. My exposure seemed to be memorable and will never be forgotten ever. Why? Because, here, I experienced many things such as first experience in the operating room, stronger bond to our clinical instructors; Mr. Marvin Resugenio, and Mrs. Gemma Paralias, and lastly, more attachment with my groupmates. All of us were staying at one home as on call.

Sleepless nights, was one of our experiences that I can never forget.

Because, at the first time I had my assist in an operation, I waited for the patient for too long. Hehehe.. Appendectomy was the first operation that I had assisted in Gumaca District Hospital. Initially, I felt nervousness due to the reason that it was my first time. Step by step, I was able to cope with the situation. One thing that should never be forgotten is the PRESENCE OF MIND.

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One more experience in the same hospital was the ward teaching regarding “Breastfeeding”. It was fun because I have seen that they learned for what we have shared to them.

Meanwhile, in Magsaysay Memorial District Hospital, although I still don’t have any experience in the special area, I learned a lot regarding the orientation about the hospital. The staffs are approachable and the facilities are quite improved. Still, I am waiting for my turn to come and experience more operations of varied cases. KNOWLEDGE- I refreshed my thoughts regarding the instruments and its uses that has been taught in the school. I learned what should be done for an operation and what should not. Also, I became oriented with the routines during an operation. I’m lucky that I was able to learn all of those.

SKILLS- Communication skills with several patients were practiced through the ward teaching. Persuasive type of speaking was used in order for me to encourage them to do what we were teaching them. One more skill practiced was the skill during the operation. I was able to assist successfully. ATTITUDE- Presence of mind and courtesy are the important thing while in an exposure. These can be used in several situations. One more thing is the bond between our instructors and between my groupmates. I’m happy that we become stronger and respect each other as well. Prepared by: SERRANO, Rostum Harold B. Group 11/ BSN IV

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