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Final Year Project Proposal

For probably the first time in your undergraduate/graduate program, you are required to defend a proposal of a larger project. In teams, you will be working on the common project but individual team members will be required to take on responsibilities for specific work for which each will be held accountable. Interaction, collaboration and assistance are allowed and expected, but each person will receive an individual mark for his/her work performed in the project.

Day Month Year

DATE 1 8 – 03 – 2 0 1 9

Write down the brief project topic and should not be confusing.


Food Care


Write down the detail of all group members in BLOCK LETTERS ONLY.

Sr. Student ID Name Email Mobile

1. 2161108 Hanzlah Ahmad Riaz [email protected]


2. 2161147 Hafiz M Arslan Arif [email protected] 03218883120



Now a day’s people mostly eat from restaurants which is convenient and also allow them to be socially active but it comes with a huge problem of leftover food at the restaurants, which is used again and again by the restaurants that is unhygienic or restaurant owner have to bear the loss and there are people who are in search of cheap good quality food but are left with only unhealthy options.


This section summarizes the overall document, and should include the important highlights from the document. It should be concise, professional and must stand alone. It is NOT an introduction, it is a summary.

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It is NOT an index or table of contents, it is a summary.

The target audience for this section is a person who can appreciate the technology, but is not well-versed in the details or in the project itself and who wants to read one page to understand an overview of the project.

The one page limit is a hard limit; you might well use less than a page.

In order to stand alone, the Executive Summary should not make any reference to other parts of the document.

Food Care is a product which will rescue the leftover food. Nowadays, people tend to divert their attention to fulfil their appetite by eating innovative and fast food from restaurants. And if they get such food at a discounted or cheap price, that would add the icing on the cake for them. Food Care provides all such information BUT not only that, our main aim is to reduce the food wastage and to eradicate carelessness towards food items by people. In food care people could buy and sell their foods at economical price so that no more food would be waste as it is wasted before. Through Live Chat option seller and buyer can contact each other directly without any hurdle. Maps would provide the suitable location.

Our purpose is to encourage restaurants and fast food shops to cook fresh food daily, and if the food is available at the end of a day, it will be available at much cheaper prices for people to enjoy.


According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted yearly all over the world. In which Pakistan is a Country which wasted almost 40 percent of the food. Pakistan’s position is 11th in the list of most food insecure countries in the world which is obviously not a good thing.

This is a serious problem we all need to stop wasting food. On the societal front, mind-set’s needs to change where wasting food is concerned.

Food Care will help prevent the wastage of food. Except throwing leftovers, in the garbage now could be served to another person.

Now a days people usually eat from the restaurants as Restaurants usually have a lot of leftover food at the end of the day. Food Care would prevent restaurants by selling unhygienic leftover food the next day. With the help of Food Care they will would be able to save the leftover food and also sell out at a discounted price. So, it will be a win-win situation for both the seller as well as the buyer. It will let users buy food at a lower price.


This section will list down all the possible competitors of your product. That is, you need to list down all those products that are closely related to your product in terms of features, target audience, etc.

There is no such competitor in Pakistan as it is innovative idea but there is an app exist in Sweden which name is Karma.

– There is no live Chat option in Karma

– No website only app

– UI/UX of app is not user friendly


• Food wastage will be reduced

• Users will be able to get food at a discounted price

• Restaurants owners would be able to sell their leftover food

• Restaurant owner does not have to bear the loss

• Healthy food will be available for all

• No one would be die of hunger


As it is the main issue of our society that a higher amount of food is wasted. So with the help of Food Care the food would not be wasted as it is wasted before. The mind-set would be change. Our aim is to prevent the wastage of food and urge the restaurant owners to prepare fresh food daily. People would make a habit of taking only that food, which they can eat at once without wasting any of it.


Present the requirements as understood at this time through contacts with the stakeholder.

The requirements are as follows:

• Login

• Live Chat

• Maps

• Payment Method

• User Friendly


Detailed functionality of each feature

• Restaurants can post their ads with discounts/promotions

• User can search for restaurants

• User can search restaurants by location

• User can see restaurants posts

• User can place order online

• Seller and buyer could contact each other through live chat



Front End:




Back End:








Sublime Text

Code anywhere

Visual Studio Code


This section describes how the project will be managed, including a detailed plan with milestones. Specific items to include in this section are as follows:

• Division of responsibilities and duties among team members.

• Timeline with milestones: Gantt chart in Microsoft project 2013. The following are required elements of your Gantt chart:

o Project duration is from the date your project is enrolled to the completion date:

o Each milestone is to be labeled with a title.

o Schedule all tasks not just “Design” or “Testing.” Break this schedule down to specific assignments.

o Each task is to be labeled with a title and person or persons assigned to the task.

o Subdivide larger items so that no task is longer than about one week

o Link tasks which are dependent on the completion of a previous task.

Gantt chart:


# Task Name Start Finish Duration

1 Requirement Analysis 03-03-2019 21-03-2019 17 days

2 Design 01-04-2019 06-05-2019 36 days

3 Implementation 02-09-2019 17-10-2019 45 days

4 Testing 25-10-2019 02-11-2019 7 days

5 Deployment 10-11-2019 15-11-2019 5 days

6 Maintenance 25-11-2019 15-12-2019 20 days


A table that will provide information of each time proposal was updated.

Version Title Date

Version1 Proposal 18-03-19


………………………………..DO NOT WRITE BELOW THIS LINE…………………………………


Approved ? Yes ? No

Day Month Year

DATE – –

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