The College of Business Administration

What interests me about Northeastern University are Its academic Institutions and programs particularly the cooperative program at. The College of Business Administration, is one of the best business schools in the nation. Another appealing aspect of Northeastern University is its diverse community. My belief is that the community at Northeastern University Will give me a chance to converse and exchange ideas with various people. The College of Business Administration is one of the best business schools in the country because of its facilities and reputation as an institution where students can learn useful skills.

Another reason why The College of Business Administration is so great is that ol it’s a cooperative program. This program allows eager students to get first-hand experience in the business world during their time at the College of Business Administration the community at northeastern university Is a unique one.

It has people from all over the continent who have different objectives and points of view, which are tempting to a student like myself.

The reason why the diversity of Northeastern University matters so much to me is because for most of my high school career I have been in a private school that is also diversified. With all types of people of different races I wouldn’t have known if l had not left public school. In conclusion. Northeastern University is an institution that can give a person so many opportunities that other institutions cannot. One of those is the opportunity to gain experience and make connections with people in the business world.

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At the same time Northeastern University balances academic excellence with social diversity. These factors help a person With my capability to keep maturing and to develop all the skills needed in order to live a successful life.

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