I Chose to Study Business Administration

Ever since I was a child, people told me that I would become a great person and achieve wonders. l have been disappointed because none of that has happened I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and bir polar disorder and have not been able to achieve most of my education. I must work because my disability payments are not sufficient. I do things to help others: I am not out to simply make a dollar. I have visions but just need the means of accomplishing them.

Education is key in being able to achieve most of my visions. Something that makes me unique is that I am a fighter. I do not fight fires. thugs or wartime enemies, but I fight against people that are out to take advantage of others. I am someone that cares about humanity and am not afraid of what others think of me. For example, I have helped numerous friends in situations where they were being taken advantage of unfairly.

In many incidents, I have helped friends write demand letters for the return of security deposits towards rental properties. l have done so with success and have helped others. After graduating high school, I had always worked as an emergency technician. I held jobs in various hospitals’ emergency departments. At the age of nineteen, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease after experiencing horrible stomach pains and sickness. I ended up having to leave my job due to the illness. I was awaiting a decision with regard to my application for Social Security Disability.

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I had no income and was forced to look for another job in a less stressful environment challenged myself by studying medications and then becoming a pharmacy technician now work in a pharmacy. I live in a chaotic world where i am faced with the reality of having to work a job, pay bills and satisfy other personal needs.

I do not have the luxury of being able to attend class in a physical structure. Most of my “free time” tends to fall during the evening hours. I am not aware of any programs that are offered during the nighttime in a traditional college/university. Furthermore. I do not have the financial means to attend a physical campus; attending a physical campus requires a car. fuel and travel time. I chose the study of business administration because I one day wish to open my own business and help others sprout up their own businesses, too.

Everyone always tells me that creating a new business is challenging unless you have knowledge about the process. Having a bachelor’s degree in business administration would provide me with the wisdom and tools to create my own successful business. I am very interested in learning how a business works. the steps which must be taken to start a business and how to successfully run a business. When certain material is presented to certain individuals in one way, there will usually be at least one person that does not understand the material. I really enjoy peer-based learning because it provides a chance for all learners to get involved in the actual act of learning and collaborate.

Ideas are conveyed, thoughts are invoked and new ways of understanding emerge. I am someone that will offer my opinion and thoughts regardless of experience. I am not afraid to lend my words in exchange for someone‘s understanding, Peer»based learning is the way to go. Someone that has had a significant influence on my beliefs, values and ideals has been Ron Paul. Ron Paul was a House Representative from Texas and also a physician. He is seen as a key leader in the newer Tea Party. Paul is one who exposed numerous government scandals, cover-ups and corruption. He is someone that has inspired me so much. Because of him, I feel that I can make a difference in my country. Due to the outcomes of his work, I know that even though I am just one individual, I can bring about change.

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