A Personal Perspective on Pursuing a Masters in Business Administration

My decision to pursue a Master’s in Business Administration is actually a very recent one. I have known for a while that my husband and l are ready for a change and my interest in business and management had become a big factor in my family’s options l also know the benefits of an MBA would provide me. With not only with a head start on job hunting but also a greater understanding of the business world and how to survive in it.

For the past five years, I have had the most wonderful Joy in providing a steady home life for my children and husband. I have always thrived in teaching my children and Watching them grow. Along the side I work a part-time managerial rep at a local restaurant, where I have worked all through undergraduate school until now.

With my husband working commission and myself working part-time, we can never seem to get ahead. Ultimately. my husband and l have a yearning for a career change but shouldering a family and finances are two major obstacles to The University of Phoenix.

MBA online program seems to be the only and best solution to obtaining my MBA. I know that it will increase my earnings. provide me with a better View of the business world and help my family accomplish our goals, As I have studied the benefits of an MBA, l have learned that recruiters are offering MBA graduates higher compensation. DZDNs and M.B.A.s generally have higher average salaries than workers with similar work experience who hold only a bachelor’s degree.

Gaining a higher salary would be a benefit. however, i feel that a greater benefit would be accruing wisdom of the Business World, and having a more universal set of skills. With the MBA program, I can learn from those already in the field, learn from my fellow classmates and their past experiences and perhaps even learn what different companies did with challenges placed before them. However, I feel the most important thing I Will gain from the MBA program is a bright and hopeful future for my family. Perhaps it Will allow me to seek my career in a new city with new experiences. Maybe it will allow me to have an acquired retirement or savings. Mostly, I hope that it will teach my children that you can accomplish anything if you put your mind to it.

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