Benefits of VA Tech's Masters of Architecture Program

In elementary school, I was a writer. I often wrote stories with elaborate settings, and as they progressed, I began to sketch out scenes from them. These scenes were largely focused on the surroundings, including rough plans and designs of buildings, Over time, these sketches evolved to become the basis of my enthusiasm for architecture. I expanded these ideas into templates and then AutoCAD through high school drafting classes, Many hours outside of class were spent in the public library pouring over residential plan books, I began creating my own plans, and taught myself the various dimensions of doors, walls, furniture, and appliances.

As I became more and more enchanted by the drawings, I realized then that I wanted to pursue the field of architecture, As architecture is a restricted major at Virginia Tech, it has not allowed for extensive practice as an undergraduate However, my final semester I have the opportunity to take an introductory to architecture course, lead by Professor Shelley Martin, which I greatly anticipate.

Courses in calculus, physics, and art history have created a foundation of math and form. Experience from my major in urban planning has also been very useful in preparing me for graduate studies Singular buildings do not exist in a vacuum, and the overall aesthetic and functionality of a building is drastically impacted by its surroundings. Studying urban planning has given me a foundation on which to better understand how future designs will be a part of the working landscape. Two internships with the City of Orlando, Florida and Montgomery County, Virginia have allowed me to see more in depth of how design and good form can impact daily life.

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My passion for architecture is based on its unique combination of creativity and functionality. Aesthetics are a key element of design, but it also must meet the fundamental need for sheltert Architecture uses creativity to meet a functional need and make it accessible and appealing. The ability to use creativity to bring ideas to life in a useful way is fascinating to me.

It can begin with just a passing idea in your mind, and after some thought it can be expressed out on paper. These designs can then come to life through construction, and impact the day to day lives of the people who live and work in them, Being able to see an idea start at a simple concept and be brought to life is a strong element of why I am interested in architecture. My purpose for seeking graduate study is based on long standing interests in design and ultimately for pursuing career goals in the field of architecture The professional Masters of Architecture program at Virginia Tech will allow me to expand on my interests in architecture and pursue career goals as a licensed architect Within the program, my intent is to further my understanding of the basic principles of design and work to focus them in the field of architecture. In past internships, I have worked with historic preservation departments, and would like to continue to pursue interests relating to historical design With a background in math and design and a strong passion for architecture, the Masters of Architecture program Virginia Tech would be an incredible opportunity to advance my personal and professional goals in the field of architecture.

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