Am a Lecturer of School of Economics and Management

I  Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications. I am the Teacher of Ms He Xiaohang in the course History of Chinese and Foreign Economic Thoughts and the course Securities and Investment. During the past three years, as her class teacher, I have also had the pleasure of watching this young lady blossom into a focused, self-assured diamond in the rough who aspires to a financial career.

To begin with, I am most motivated to mention that Xiaohang is a rewarding student to teach.

I much appreciate her serious attitude to learning. In class, she always paid full attention to my lecture, actively participated in the in-class discussion, generously shared her insights with the rest of the class, and independently thought over the problems encountered in learning. Besides, from her dedicated emotion, I could see that she was proactively in thinking instead of just listening and taking notes. In addition, Xiaohang is an intellectually curious pupil who demonstrates professional self-learning, practical ability, and always sees the power in the details.

In the course of Securities and Investment, I asked students to simulated stock trading online. Xiaohang showed keen sensitivity to numbers, made full use of the knowledge she had learned, and conducted theoretical analysis based on the actual situation. Finally, the total amount of virtual currency she earned ranked fifth in the class. Distinctive from other students, Xiaohang is never confined to a particular mode of thinking, but devoted to improving interdisciplinary studies on business theory, economics, management. No wonder her questions are always thoughtful and penetrating, which cut to the very heart of the topics being discussed.

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Furthermore, Xiaohang impresses me also by her excellent capacity of interpersonal communication skills and understanding. She is endowed with politeness and a high level of understanding. It is always a pleasant process to carry out a discussion with this active-minded young lady on various questions. Therefore, I highly recommend such a promising student to you. Her distinctive qualities will guarantee the accomplishment of your master programme. Besides, I am looking forward to sharing her growth and development with you. If you would like additional information, please contact me at [email protected] at any time.

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Am a Lecturer of School of Economics and Management
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