Technology, Economics, and Business 1920s 

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Have you ever wondered what life was like back in the 1920s. Well that time is whenever America turned into one of the greatest countries in the world. It was a time where advertising was coming to birth. Industries and businesses were becoming big and famous. Whenever America made some of the best inventions in history till this day. America was persevering and becoming a nation reborn. It was a break into the history books that would stick forever. We had vehicles and appliances in the world that made America much better.

Let’s start out with the advertising back in the 1920s. The 1920s was considered the roaring 20s for many reasons and advertising was one of them. Advertising got started by the starting and selling of home appliances. Smith says “increased advertising included electronics such as oven and radios.” It was an efficient way to get your information out to the public. It gave business an easier way to sell their products to the public, and not just to buyers and other businesses.

It mainly consisted of women who were trying to sell cosmetics. They also advertised electronics out to the public. Ads would be in newspapers, on the radio, and hung up on walls out in public.

They were advertised in flyers. Advertising is like an announcement that says buy me now and convinces people to buy your product so businesses would use this very frequently. Newspaper articles were given to everybody so that means whenever you would put your ad in the paper it would get announced and people would buy it.

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Ads usually had a convincing slogan under them so it would attract the viewer of the advertisement. Advertisement was very different back in the 1920s other than today so therefore advertising has definitely evolved since then.

Business owners and workers back in the 1920s had very different lives in the 1920s. So whenever they went to work they actually worked hard and provided labor. Some big business that uproared in the 1920s was the Ford and vehicle world. Ford really rose whenever Henry Ford invented the Model T. It was the first motorized moving vehicle that sparked the world. It made people and businesses think they could do anything. So you could buy a Henry Ford Model T for $260. The economy was rising rapidly and it was growing. It was the time for business.

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