CPA Dream with Double Major in Management and Accounting

As an undergraduate student at Indiana University, I hope to achieve my dream of becoming a Certified Public Accountant by double majoring in business management and accounting. I am a self-motivated high school student, and I expect this to continue into college I also want to challenge myself academically, and help other students learn and grow in the process. In addition to my academic achievements, I have overcome many obstacles. Throughout my freshman, sophomore and junior year I was mentally and emotionally abused at home and working 30+ hours a week my junior year, which ended up making me even more motivated to get a degree so I could get out of the terrible situation I was in.

Through this unfortunate obstacle I have endured, I have realized that no one can take my education from me even though they have tried to tell me I wouldn‘t make anything of myself.

However, in February of my junior yearI turned 18 and decided I had had enough of my adopted parents’ (grandparents) abuse and decided to move to Indiana to live with my biological mom.

Through this move, I have gained more self-confidence and joined my school’s business and marketing group, DECAi. Being a part of DECA has helped me be a part of my new community and made me fall even more in love with business than ever before, DECA long with my other business courses taken has made me realize that business and accounting is the right career path for me.

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Finally what prompted me to apply to Indiana University is that it is recognized for its excellence, gives me the opportunity to double major in the two fields of my dreams, and I could also be involved in many extracurricular activities with my peers that have the same interests as me.

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