Management and Accounting Have Always Caught My Attention

Firmly believing in this mantra since my school days, I made generous efforts to consistently do well throughout my under-graduation. To become a lead expert in my field, I require pursuing a MBA program which would strengthen my knowledge, hone my skills and enable me to achieve my ambition.

Since school, self-confidence and determination have been my twin strengths and the intellectually stimulating environment at home encouraged me to constantly better myself and excel in my chosen field.Being inquisitive is natural to humans, which initiates the process of learning and it is through this learning that knowledge is acquired.

This was the source of inspiration to pursue my education in the field of Accountancy.

Hence Management and Accounts always captured my attention and interest. I have a good track record in school and this continued even in my high school where I opted for Commerce. I successfully completed my high school with an aggregate of 73%, standing amongst the top Ten in my college.

In order to fulfill my desire I had opted for a Bachelor Degree in Commerce. Over a span of three years, this course exposed me to various aspects of Accountancy, which included management and finance as it combines the best management practices. A MBA student requires high degree of communication skills and an ability to deal with people. To equip myself with these skill sets, I actively participated in many management fests. I intend to maintain high levels of excellence throughout my career.

Hence, I approach my Master’s program with enthusiasm, flexibility and open-mindedness, with a desire to learn that, I believe will serve me equally well.

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The American Educational system, geared to stimulate the intelligence and creativity of a student. I am confident that the course in your university would constantly incorporate new developments, assisting me to keep pace with all the new management skills.

Numerous resources and conductive atmosphere with cross culture would give me an opportunity to broaden my horizons.I believe that I Posses the aptitude, discipline and Perseverance to sustain the motivation and drive needed for a masters degree. I have many ambitions for myself as I embark on this stage of my life. I am confident that education at your university will provide an excellent opportunity to explore in the field of Finance, and provide me with the best environment to achieve my goals.

It is my convention that through sheer diligence and application, I have the capability to make a positive contribution to your University.

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Management and Accounting Have Always Caught My Attention
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