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Who has no money, has worried; who has a lot of money, has very great concern. Because no one should take it to him, and from the many to be a lot more. So for decades are already taken gigantic money flows into the peaceful land of the Swiss. This is where the super rich could weigh in safety, protected them yet a statutory Swiss banking secrecy. deprived of their domestic tax, which applied in Swiss fund assets grew quietly and steadily.

But times seem to be over. Swiss bankers who want to earn more than their good salaries also still extra money, offered hawking their secret clients German politicians on CDs burned data. “Criminal!” cry some, “moral right!” the others, and so have a serious political issue between West Germany and Switzerland stretches for months then. If the Helvetier give up their profitable special position in the heart of Europe, can take their sinecures and agree to the desired control agreement? Money makes the world …

Michael Theurillat knows that.

For years he has worked in senior management of the UBS bank. At 41 he quit, just before a mental breakdown, and was author.

In the Banque Duprey sink huge sums, and no one knows where. Compliance Officer Peter Dubach, who on money flows has watched, has disappeared, and no one knows where. to Commissioner Eschenbach to funnel exactly to that post and Jakob Banz, his former schoolmate and jetzigem director of the bank, to be enlightening to the side, had to just in time, a Max Hösli be appointed as the new head of the cantonal police because Eschenbach had secretly himself reckoned with this promotion, although he is frustrated, but the job at Banz he takes yet at -.

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. the financial prospects speak for themselves

Just been studying Eschenbach the personal files of Banque Duprey. Then he gets hit by a car, wearing a week, a head injury and it wakes up after days of powerlessness in Einsiedeln monastery in the care of Benediktinerm nches John. This pious man has to this day a paternal, caring relationship with Judith, who had once asked as a stray thirteen for entrance into the monastery. She was cut off from Ireland, demanded food and clothing. Later, she asked then serious to be admitted at the private school pen, got engaged, bought their Matura, studied economics. For the past week she has been working in the Banque Duprey – and is already wanted by the police. Because Josef Banz was killed with a shot in the neck, and he is suspected of this murder.

Judith had been sitting in the car and fate brought Eschenbach after the collision to Brother John. Which is the only one who is convinced of her innocence. As once Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson now identify John and Eschenbach together. The key to all secrets, it turns out, could be in Judith’s past. After her parents had died in a car accident, she grew up with Ernest Bill, a friend of the family, on an Irish farm on. And what do you foster father living? You will have guessed it: It sits in the boardroom of the Banque Duprey. He was also a leading intelligence officer and colonel, and he was one of the exalted company listened to the “Rütli Rapport” on July 25, 1940 speech, called on the General Guisan at a historic place for resistance and preservation of Swiss independence.

So the author links the criminal plot line with historical facts, information on the shareholder value and a native of the Orient money transfer model Hawala, which is particularly suitable because of its protection of anonymity to the banking industry in general, to participate in arms and drug stores. The good Eidgenössler are in fact the financiers of international trouble spots.

All this promises exciting material for a thriller. But unfortunately the mess of content deprives the novel any tension. There was a little stiff construct of too many cross-connections and coincidences that could not really captivate me. A few dead bodies along the way are only stumbling blocks. Nevertheless Theurillat 2012 received the prestigious Friedrich Glauser Prize of the Crime Writers’ Association syndicate. A longer text passage through Hawala was perhaps the reason why the publication of the book has delayed. The author had to deal with allegations of plagiarism deal that he had written off at Wikipedia … (For this michael theurillat manifested, for example, in an interview with the Swiss Migros Magazine from December 12, 2011).

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