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Read a novel everyone can. Here we give an author a theater! The curtain rises, when and where each owner so desires, and the only audience he enjoys the bargain royal privileges, such as coughing during the performance at will to eat and drink, to make phone calls, take pictures, yawning and snoring .

Or simply make off. But that will do no one. For what is presented, is delicious. It tickles the intellect as well as the funny bone. The repertoire includes thirty small “conversations” full of spirit, their characters and the course of Michael Frayn has thought.

The creative writer, gifted with fertile imagination, is well known in British as a master of droll humor Couleur. Its compact skits (formally: dialogues, monologues and difficult definable …) present on different levels of communication (of pseudo-Shakespeare to the loudspeaker announcement) and in various places (from the television studio to the tomb) ludicrous Etudes over the whole range of human phenomena.

Sir Geoffrye de Frodsham and Lady Hilarye rest for six centuries (almost) motionless on her tomb next to each other, and sleep the day against the resurrection.

“The ideal couple,” say how many churchgoers. But when every few decades times disturbed again ( “In the crash no one can sleep … Geoffrye Do what hammers on the floor!”), Is a word the other: “Do not act as if you are sleeping. ” … “Soon you’ll get a cramp again!” … “Other men lead not so on!” … “There was a time when you looked at me.” … “1774 … That was a good year.

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” [ “Sleeping”]

Sick or not sick? The patient, who then visits the doctor who suffers any case including that he is terribly feel , even though he is actually good feel . His desperate attempt to formulate his paradoxical feeling able to escalate the words into a kind of rampage, the patient has healthy talked at the end, the doctor, however terrible feel . [ “How am I, Doctor?”]

technical languages ​​are an issue that lends itself generally for satire because they are able to exclude outsiders so beautiful from the communication. Michael Frayn has drawn up a dialogue among mathematicians for his cabinet of curiosities, the exclusive in his – no, our head theater is performable. Not even the technology of the worldwide web enabled me to quote you to illustrate a “blatant case of racially insulting mathematics”. [ “Haargenau”]

“live now but back to today’s main theme and our special correspondent Richard roving front of the National Theater. How is there the current situation, Richard?” Everyone knows the rituals and phrases of daily television news magazines. But the incidents, inform us Michael Frayn’s Anchorman and his colleague in authentic routine come from a somewhat different reality. Richard tells of “a kind of showdown” between the Queen and the Prince, have the “put his mouth no sheet” of “reports of a knife attack at a Queen’s Counsel” of “fears that the king could a tougher line drive, “the rumor,” someone had seen a ghost, “then bets on the” speedy ringing of wedding bells. ” The name of the Prince is puzzling: Hamlet is his name – “Do you know anything about this?” After this live Unlock the message block follows. There is hope that the local planning authority can prevent the controversial felling of the cherry orchard. In the “Valhalla, the home of some of the most popular gods in the world”, there was a major fire. A wealthy Spanish Playboy has invited a statue to dinner – and they actually seemed … Stay tuned to this day topics from the world of theater, a ratings hit your match theater! [ “Nemo”]

Pure slapstick or subtle philosophy joke? Even this academic question is fooling around, namely at the break. Besides the usual phrases ( “And … what you think so far from”) and trivia ( “. There is not even a queue outside the ladies’ room”), the two match theatergoers also affect Metaphysical ” Are we actually even here or imagined? ” and if so, who forms us? Pretty heavy the whole thing. ‘ “Do you just not think these few trailer could even remotely conveys nor deliver what themes, styles, gimmicks and surprises the remaining twenty-five “conversations”.


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