Medical Terminology for Health Professions

Careers in the effective use of medical terminology have not gained that much interest a few years ago. With the increasing use of information technology in the field of health science, work associated with the use of medical terminology has evolved into well-paying professions. Medical indexing and medical transcribing are only two examples of these careers. Medical indexing is the answer to the increasing volume of medical literature available through electronic data bases (McGregor, 2002).

It would be difficult for medical practitioners and researchers to obtain relevant articles for their online research without an effective medical indexing.

This would require professionals adept with drug and disease terms among others to intelligently index medical reviews and original articles. With the fast expansion of medical knowledge, the need for professional medical indexers will remain at a high demand.

Medical transcription has increasingly attracted interest as an allied health service and the job as a medical transcriptionist has slowly conveyed as a serious well-paying profession.

Last year, the U. S. Department of Labor has declared medical transcription as an apprenticeable profession and graduates from medical transcription training program can now access registered apprenticeship programs (“Medical transcription,” n. d. ). The learning curved, however, can be very steep considering the magnitude of medical terminologies to be mastered.

Based on the Model Curriculum published by AAMT, training programs should include course in anatomy, physiology, pathology, pharmacology and laboratory medicine aside from extensive training in medical language and English grammar and punctuation. A total of 40 hours of actual and authentic physician dictation is also necessary before any graduate is certified as a medical transcriptionist although it may take least 2 years of acute-care transcription experience before any transcriptionists is eligible to sit for the certification examination by the AAMT.

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Despite this, medical transcription is a rewarding career as an allied medical profession. As the list of jobs related to the use of medical terminology broadens, it will not be long before they become established among the sustainable and profitable mainstream careers. And it will not be surprising if in the near future this trend will spawn new professionals and most likely, they will be known as “medical terminologist. ”

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