Magnolia Sleep By Eva Baronsky Review

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Wilhelmine Hennemann lives in a suburb of Frankfurt. As despite their 91 years of life sprightly lady wants to clean the gutter in the fall, it falls from the ladder so unhappy that they will become a nursing case. Never had they want to be a burden to anyone, and yet she is now dependent on the help of her niece Karin, from their behavior and language nuances she sensed that it meets these tiresome duty carelessly and without commitment. In her bed caught Wilhelmine do not want to make in her diaper, and when they can no longer hold, she feels the biting knowledge rising in him, “If the dignity is lost, nothing but shame and disgust remains in front of the own body, anger and the boundless hope that it’s finally over.

” This shocking truth gets to the heart of all the old people who, like Wilhelmine experience with an open mind, as they become helpless infants.

Karin gets rid of its burden by illegally a Russian girl sets as an all-carer.

– Elizabeth, 23, who works in her home in a hospital this way, the nursing crisis in Germany financially viable and mutually tolerable to design, select the meantime many families, and so that’s certainly an interesting social policy. subject for a novel. But in “Magnolia sleep” this problem by no means the two people of different generations plays the central role.

Eva Baronsky has a literary and poetic melodrama created from two countries that were once bitter opponents of the war were, merges.

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Since the act plays almost exclusively in Wilhelmine’s house, it’s become a kind of chamber piece for two protagonists.

For sixty years Wilhelmine’s memories have slumbered their traumatic wartime in Russia, but when Elizabeth, also known as Lisa, on the phone Russian with her mother at home, breaking everything Pent and all hatred like a volcano.

the sensitive Lisa, who speaks fluent German, do not understand why is out of date old lady sympathetic a fury they spat on, insulted and hurt by insults, throwing things for her, and not only refused her food but tilts to the ground.

but Lisa has its own way to fight back. Soon rages a fierce duel. While Eva Baronsky boosts dynamics of psychological terror, both losing more and more in their memories of a bygone era just before the German-Russian war. Wilhelmine’s thoughts carry a ghastly, painful secret; Lisa’s thoughts revolve around her mother and the many allusions and frightening stories they heard from their Babka. Only when the novel comes to an end, the stressful events are revealed, the author of both Lisa (think we know both Wilhelmine trauma) as the reader surprised with a very unexpected ending.

Eva Baronskys leaves two credible, equally strong figures are created that are adapted to the situation times sensitive to react aggressively once able. What hurts so, is that both characters at heart full of love and each other their mental anguish could facilitate – had not the unfortunate war, people for decades divided. Even sixty years after the war and two generations later, the mutual debt has left traces in Lisa’s soul. When will the wounds finally heal?

P.S.: Eva Baronsky received for her first novel “Herr Mozart wakes up” in 2010 the Friedrich Hölderlin Prize.

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