Eva Beem was born on May 21,1932 in Leeuwarden, Holland. Eva’s parents’ names were Hartog and Rosette Beem. Eva Beem was eight years old when she first went into hiding in fear of the Nazis killing her. Her brother, Abraham Beem, was also in hiding with her. Her parents had the idea of her going into hiding and posing as a Non-Jew in a rural village. The problem was that the Nazis found out about most of the children hiding through people who were given money for telling them about the Jewish children.

When Eva was eleven she was denounced as a Jew in February of 1944. Eva and Abraham were departed to a concentration camp and were immediately murdered.

Eva Beem and Anne Frank are alike in many ways. Anne lived during the Holocaust and so did Eva.They are both at the age of attending school. Eva went into hiding as a Non-Jew and Anne was in hiding so that nobody would find her, but they both went into hiding.

Soon afterward, they both were found. They both died at concentration camps, but in different ways. Anne died of a disease and Eva died of murder at her concentration camp.

Eva Beem is like me in a ton of ways. Eva was eleven and I am now eleven. We both went and go to school. Eva doesn’t have a pet and I don’t either. We both were born in May. Not the exact date but we are pretty close.

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She had a brother and I have a brother. Our parents both worry about their kids, and that is how Eva and I are alike.

The lesson that comes out of this is that many children died and they are normal, innocent children that couldn’t live the normal life they would have dreamed about. We should be thankful for what we have and that all children who died during the Holocaust should be honored and loved. Eva, Abraham, and Anne are all examples of children who died and that should be honored.

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