Letter to My Hero and Inspiration Essay

Dear Kendrick Lamar, I am Avi, I’m a student at King’s College in Auckland, New Zealand. I am writing to you because I idolise you and think of you as my hero.

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I personally think of you as my hero because of how you grew up from a really rough upbringing in a not so wealthy area and still made it big. I admire the fact that you had major difficulties growing up and trying to succeed, like having a really bad stutter that made it hard for you to finish sentences, you still found a way around and started to express yourself on paper and look how far that has taken you.

You show that no matter how bad of a place you’re in hardwork and dedication, will always get you out of it and help you thrive and become a successful person. I like how you didn’t follow the herd like a sheep when you were growing up.

Everyone was gang banging and being violent while you took a unique path and finished high school. It shows you don’t always have to do what others are doing to fit in and succeed. Eventually all your hard work paid off by getting you noticed by one of the most famous rappers of your time, Dr Dre. This shaped you into one of the most influential rappers of our time.

Your a disruptive force with a social conscious, this is why I think of you as my hero. I first noticed you when you released your “To pimp a butterfly album”. Specifically the song “Alright” which is a very inspirational song used at heaps of black lives matter protests. I like how you rap about your hardships and difficulties but still keep a positive mind set and keep telling yourself “ We gon be alright”. I really admire some of your qualities like anti-racism, hard work, dedication and so on. One of your songs from your first album called “F*** your ethnicity” shows that your not a stereotypical mainstream rapper, you don’t hold the image of rapping only about drugs, sex and money. You try get your point across that your a smart individual who has a mind of his own, someone who doesn’t follow the crowd.

That is a big reason why I look up to you, your message tells me you can be successful by being your own individual self. I love that you don’t just rap to make music, you rap to tell a story specifically about yourself and your past life. You don’t follow other “mumble rappers” and rap about irrelevant things and flex your success and fame. You make your music lyrical and give it meaning while also making it enjoyable to listen to. I know I’ve made this point a lot but it’s pretty much the theme of my letter and is the main reason I look up to you. I had a few questions for you. How did you come up with the nickname “Kung fu Kenny?”, what is your thinking process behind all your songs?, who did you look up to when you were growing up?, did you ever think you’d make it this far? Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my letter, it means a lot and I wish you all the best with your rapping career, and I hope you continue to inspire people and keep being a great hero.

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Letter to My Hero and Inspiration Essay
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