Nursing A Path of Personal Inspiration and Growth

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My selected career path as a nurse has been an ongoing source of personal inspiration and growth.

I became a Licensed Nursing Assistant in high school and had the privilege of working in a long-term care facility with the elderly. I quickly became captivated with the nursing profession and the interpersonal relationships nurses hold with their patients. My decision to further my education to become a registered nurse was without question. I obtained a degree in nursing from the University of New Hampshire with a strong base of the knowledge and skills necessary to begin my career at Vanderbilt University Medical Center on the cardiovascular step-down unit.

Each individual patient I encounter confirms my passion to care for others, as nurses hold a unique place in the healthcare field.

Nurses provide our patients with a safe environment to not only meet their medical needs, but also create a sanctuary of trust for their emotional and spiritual wellbeing. We greet patients at their bedside and seek to learn about them as a whole, without limitations, to help guide their personal journey to health.

As an integral member of the healthcare team, my experience as a nurse has taught me that with the interpersonal relationships we build with patients comes the promise to advocate for them. To ensure patients have a voice in their care, nurses act as a liaison between patient, family, and other healthcare members in order to promote quality outcomes.

Practicing as a cardiovascular nurse in the acute setting has been an exceptional experience in so many ways.

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Able to care for a differing range of patients in a fast-paced environment, I have gained invaluable practice assessing and individualizing the care of each patient in an effective, yet genuine manner. I have learned to critically think in order to respond to emergent situations. Recently, I cared for a patient following a heart catheterization and a stent placement to his left anterior descending artery. Following his procedure, all vital signs were stable until nearly twenty minutes after returning to his room when he started experiencing ten out of ten chest pain. His blood pressure was elevated and the monitor showed new ST elevation that was confirmed with an EKG. I STAT paged the nurse practitioner (NP) and prepared my patient for another trip to the catheterization lab. With the NP in agreement, the charge nurse, her and myself brought my patient to the catheterization lab immediately. EKG-to-balloon time? Sixteen minutes. Responding in a timely, effective manner helped save this man’s life.

My experience in the acute care setting hashave also validated my desire to become an Acute-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner. Many patients are complex, which challenges me daily to further my knowledge about varying diseases, injuries, and interventions. The acute setting has allowed me to continually learn and integrate my empathy to develop care plans that will educate, promote, and restore the health of my patients. I thrive in a high-energy, critically thinking environment where I can work directly with the healthcare team. I want to make a direct impact on my patients, caring for their acute illnesses or injuries, as well as make decisions that will meet needs beyond the bedside.

While the fascinating field of nursing is ever evolving, my ultimate goals as a lifelong nurse remain stable; I intend to not only work towards my highest potential, but to do so with compassion. As advanced professional education leads to improved quality outcomes, I aspire to become an Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner and care for the acute care cardiac population within the hospital. The cardiovascular system is intriguing; the reward of discharging a patient who had open-heart surgery a week prior is indescribable. I have learned from the best doctors and nurse practitioners at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and wish to continue my career there, where I have grown both personally and professionally in my nursing profession thus far. I wish to continue to give back to the profession, my new community, and Vanderbilt University Medical Center in hopes to repay what they have given to me. I am eager to take the steps towards become an Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner and would be honored to do so at Vanderbilt University.

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Nursing A Path of Personal Inspiration and Growth
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