How Rodart and Mack Got Their Inspiration

This article is something that is sadly very prevalent in today society. We are told the expectation of what is the norm for beauty and if you don’t fit into the tiny box then you are not considered beautiful. Mac cosmetics and Rodarte, a fashion designer, set off for some inspiration. They traveled to Juárez Mexico. This part of Mexico is known to be not that great of an area. Its known for factories and ill conditions, but I guess the brands were not aware of this.

Rodarte and Mac fell in love with the hazy that covered the landscape they deemed beautiful. Contrary to their thought this quote “beautiful hazy” was smog from the factories. They took this inspiration and brought it into their companies and created a line based on the women in Juárez. These women factory workers were not treated well to the point of death.

They looked pale and ill, but Mac and Rodatre thought they had a glow.

Women in this part of Mexico are viewed as tradeable much like currency. They were not valued by their families or others in society. Despite all the negative aspects of this inspiration Mac and Rodatre continued with the fashion and cosmetic line based on the factory women. Both fashion and cosmetic lines came out in 2010 and shortly after release there was some controversy. People where getting angered when they were told what this inspiration was. Consumers pulled back and sales went down. This is a huge it to the capitalist cush life.

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The cheapest mac product retailed for about fifteen dollars and the cheapest product form Rodatre was a couple hundred for a simple t-shirt. These products are only growing the capitalist egos and fueling more depressing offensive inspiration for future lines.

This whole situation is conflict at its best. It shoes the rich vs poor and how the rich take advantage and commercialize the poor’s aesthetic and an awful one at that. This is such a huge situation it’s hard to talk about everything that happened. I think that this happens in the world with huge companies especially fashion and beauty industry seeking the next new different thing more than we’d like to believe. Personally, I will be doing some research before I go buying a new product from a company.

I think conflict was huge and people have every right to be angry with these two companies for how they exploded such a sad matter for these women. This article holds nothing back, as it shouldn’t and I believe that it was written from the perspective of conflict. The whole article has a dim feeling to it when you read it. Overall the article has a very similar feeling to the thoughts and writings of Karl Marx.

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