Leadership and Nursing Care Management by Diane Huber

The following sample essay on Leadership and Nursing Care Management by Diane Huber have different editions where each of it deals with the managerial concepts and practical applications involved in the nursing department. When we take the above drawn table for instance, we can clearly see that relationship between revenue, salaries and supply expenses, which also include the miscellaneous expenses, seems to be increasing in the reverse order number, starting with the available revenue at higher rate and ending up with lower rate is the supply expenses.

Even after adding the expenses due to supply and miscellaneous and the distributed salary, the amount seem to be higher than the actually available revenue. However, it is so clearly observable from the table that the available budget in the Nurse Nugyet’s hospital seem to be higher than the expenses she makes. Is Nurse Nugyet over or under budget on each of the items? From the table that is clearly drawn and described, we get a feel that Nurse Nugyet is running high of her budget in each items, and the variance amount seem to be a bit higher and constant, which means there is an lump of money being saved every month.

The Actual available amount and the Monthly budget do not seem to match either in terms of revenue or salaries, and therefore it will by no means match up to the supply expenses either. As the monthly available revenue seems to be higher to the expenses, the same follows over the year, with available revenue increasing month on month, giving a good deal in the end of the year.

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Nurse Nugyet seem to face an over budget both in annual and monthly calculations, even though supply expenses being higher always. Are the variances explainable? Or, is Nurse Nugyet over budget with no justifications?

In the above table, the variances mentioned explain us, the details of the actual budget available in hand, and the required amount for every month expenses. The table also explains us the yearly status so that we can clearly observe that Nurse Nugyet is over budget. As the table provides us only limited information such as salaries and supply expenses, in general, we are not able to get completely convinced in terms of the available budget. It, as of now, seems to be unjustifiable, although, personally she may have valid reasons to all of it.

Just in case, if the revenue seems to be higher every month, she could probably concentrate on increasing her medical expenses, thereby keeping her medical industry up to date with all available medicines, and just in case if the salary has not been revised for over the years, she can also think about expanding her expenses in that way. What additional information would be helpful when explaining variances? Split ups are very important when it comes to a budget making. Here, in this table, we can see general details such as revenue, salary and medical expenses, but with no clear insight towards each of them.

Additional expense details such as transport, bedding, and a lot more can be provided, when it comes to a health care sector, which will be helpful for us to analyze and review the budget of any concern. With these available expense details, we get an observation that the amount seems to be higher in hand, and therefore she is running over budget. Now that if she could explain the expenses and the revenue items in detail, we may or may not end up saying that she is unjustifiable.


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