Culturally Sensitive Nursing Care

What is meant by culturally sensitive nursing care? How does it apply to nursing? In order to understand culturally sensitive nursing care you mustfirst understand culture and cultural diversity. Culture guides our thinking, doing and being, and becomes patterned expressions of who we are (Basic Nursing, 2003). Cultural diversity is the difference between people rooted in a shared belief and value system based on norms, customs and way of life. Knowledge of cultural diversity is important in all levels of nursing because it comes through communication and education between clients and nurses.

Culturally sensitive nursing care recognizes the need for respect and acknowledgement of the wholeness of all human beings, regardless of culture, race, ethnicity, heritage, religion – everyone has a unique background. Culturally sensitive nursing care is a required factor that must be practiced. It is significant in order to care and understand importance to the patient, resulting in comfort for the family as well as the patient. This also increases the chance of compliance and eases the passage for family and friends.

Providing the necessary care is not the only value to a strong outcome, but communication and developing a strong client/nurse relationship must be practiced to ensure a positive outcome. Culturally sensitive nursing care may possibly be difficult for some to practice, but it makes healthcare challenging and rewarding.

Culturally Sensitive Nursing

Health to an individual of any culture, ethnicity or race, is viewed as a positive outcome, balanced environment, and strong lifestyle. Regardless of the illness, everyone wants the same outcome.

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Health practices such as nutrition, diet, exercise and environment are all believed to be practices which are beneficial and have a positive effect on an individual. Perceptions of benefits can differ between cultures.

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Culturally Sensitive Nursing Care
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