La casa dei sette ponti by Mauro Corona Review

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A sixty-year-old industrialist – well-traveled silk manufacturer from Prato with residences in Florence and Bologna – is traveling occasionally with his Audi the romantic, narrow and winding road through the valley of Bergflüsschens up to his home village to seeing his old friends. One day he discovers a strange road, somewhat secluded property, and it attracts his attention on so that it can no longer be of the house. Every time he comes into the area, grows his strained curiosity, what it may have with the strange building on itself.

The narrator gives him human traits: ” spunta … come un saluto … una Casupola umile ” the window ” guardano Dolenti il ​​viavai delle Automobili “, the shutters ” come ciglia sopra occhi malinconici “, the roof deformed as indicated by ” il pugno di un gigante “. The strangest thing in mind are the colorful tarpaulins that cover the roof like flags. And the pass-end will find that the two fireplaces over and over smoke, whether in summer or winter.

Let the house of one hand acts as a happy tent, on the other hand as the mysterious repellent fortress of a wizard.

One day, he turns off the road, parked his car, is towards the wooden front door and knocks. .. more to report of what follows, then, would be betrayal of secrets in this short history and also come here probably too sober ‘over. Because it happen mysterious things and the way over the seven bridges of the title until the very end is a audit trail like the old fairy tales and legends, but with contemporary content and messages.

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this story also the now famous and recognized writer, wood sculptor and mountaineer Mauro Corona is clearly situates – but not the Friulian Dolomites, but in the valley of Abetone, about 60 km north-west of his home in the mountain region of Florence, just 20 km from Pistoia. ” un esempio di resistenza all avversità: As in Rezension to Mauro Corona:’L’ombra del bastone'”

Of course, the house is a fitting symbol for this purpose, such as corona formulated plakativ della vita alla corrosione del tempo, alla povertà accettata in silenzio. Quella casa comunica l’idea del vivere appartato e fiero di qualche anima solitaria che non chiede niente a nessuno . ” No wonder the place is the scene of a self-discovery.

Mauro Corona with “La casa dei sette ponti” (A German edition is unknown to me.) A parable written. Wikipedia characterizes this traditional didactic text type as follows:. “… She raises questions about the moral and ethical principles to which are understandable by transfer to another presentation area The standing in the foreground action (image plane) has a symbolic meaning for the reader (similar to the allegory). the parable brings the reader to think and to recognize a good life through the derivation of the general intentioned (factual level). … “[ ( language)]

parables are quite unfashionable. In times of unbridled individualism for everyone, the guaranteed diversity of opinion and of the globally available range of worldviews hardly anyone dares to try to teach his fellow citizens in this moralizing way. And what Coronas teaching? reduced to Tags: Against rationalism, capitalism and globalization, he is the praise of simplicity, happiness in the family, staying at home in the village and its community. This concept is bad but simply to not trivial to say, and the literary design can it be not to exaggerate … importantly So a San Marcello Pistoiese-counter world want but anyway many and need “to recognition of a right life “in this sense, no more parabolas – alone: ​​in the 21st century, most have lost us the freedom of choice between such concepts of life long ago. We can only read Coronas story still end up going to his knees and burst into silent tears …

The generously layouted pocket book – only about 6,500 words on 63 pages – was in the summer vigorously promoted the Italian bookstores. The attraction of whimsical envelope image in poster size and flap text I could not escape me easy. Unfortunately, both promise more stops than the beautiful stories.

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