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Write reviews for such books is not easy, because, a priori, the whole idea – is absurd, drizzled with rose syrup and spicy seasoning. When I started reading this little book, I thought that’ll blow it in his review to the nines. However, somewhere in the middle of the book, I realized that even begins to penetrate a certain sympathy for the main character, in spite of all her giddiness, light behavior and lack of tangible advantages * sexuality and biological endurance are not considered *.

So, what I mean – as the chief specialist of the absurd, I present to you this book with all the pluses and minuses. And the rest is up to you,

The heroine of this book -. Latina with a ridiculous, in her opinion, the name Milagro De Los Santos (ie the “Miracle of the Holy”) * Here I am reminded of the Milagros “Wild Angel” *, lush buffers and buttocks * Simple, but so it is written in the book *, as well as the gift of healing ….

eeee … in short, it is the same, better than any of mineral waters and health resorts restore reproductive function in women. But this, of course, an incomplete list of her skills and merits. She also is merciful and reliability as the Cape of Good Hope – any sufferer can hold out for its prominent part * forgive Hospade H_h why I come across a book with these heroines?

With the heroine finish, and I will say further about the book as a whole. The cover emblazoned inscription – “Bridget Jones’s Diary” + “Sex and the City”, but with a spicy taste of blood.

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You know what? For the first time I would say that they do not lie – at least “Sex and the City” I have not read, but I can spend a lot of parallels with the shame of Britain – said Bridget. Yes heroine also found ridiculous in his behavior, it pulls to the former villain, but on the horizon, intelligent and serious man, but who’s engaged. And there has not been without the taste of blood – there is such a cocktail of perversion as blood diluted with water and flavored with mint

With regard to the concept of vampirism in this book -Many here remains a mystery, others serve it as a genetic disease from. which ordinary people die, more daring proudly call themselves vampires and participate in orgies. In short – it is not clear. But they have the ability to regenerate and difficulties with reproduction. But our heroine, even biting -. All out of the ordinary

In general, the book is no single experience. Written with pretensions to humor, the adventures of the heroine as always ambitious and far-fetched, but we did nothing else waiting? But the book itself -proof that the vampire theme has already reached the glamor of literature (although the book was written in 2006, where, as we published in 2008), a kind of chick-lits * I still find it difficult to understand some of the words of the term occurred -. chicken (Chick) or is it a girl (the Italian root) *

In conclusion, I would like to bring a few “pearls” (citations) from this book * if you are not interested, then you can not read *. I carefully selected the them, by the way, to the praise of the book, I can say that even learned a few new words to replenish zapasa- vocabulary such as “pica”, “pyusovy” and “frontispiece”.

Here quote:

“my mouth was so disgusting that I licked armpits homeless”

“I reported the chill and heat, fatigue, weight loss, vision changes and emptiness. similar to the one that occurs while viewing the Danish films, where for two hours only characters smoke and complain about life “

” There reigned the smell of faeces, clearly comes from animals and n e nasty “

Still, I was pleased with abbreviations such as” PU “- a prestigious university * In my opinion there is only the letter” T “in the middle is missing … *, CACA – The Coalition of Americans for the preservation of America ( I did not understand what that means), and B / C -Reduce the name of one of the characters – Beckett-Witherspoon * do not like? . *)

It should also pay attention to the names of principal they were often out of place, but played up the names of well-known literary works, and catch phrase – “One Hundred Years odioznichestva”, “incredible ease of stupidity,” Sense and insensitivity, “etc. .d.

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