Analytical Paper On Dracula

Instead of being faithful to its primary source, the practice of adaptation results in a new form of art work in which it becomes different in some ways. Especially in the adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula namely Nosferatu, it can be spotted that there is an omission of religion theme which originally exists in the novel Dracula. Thus, there is an absence of religion theme in the whole story of Nosferatu. The omission of religion theme in this case is definitely not innocent, hence it must propose a new perspective of seeing the film since the adaptation is the result of interpretation process which is done by the adapter.

Focusing on this phenomena, this paper aims to investigate the omission of religion theme in Nosferatu and discovers the implication behind it as opposed to how Dracula perceives religion through its characters. In short, the result of this research emphasizes that the omission of religion theme in Nosferatu proposes that religion doesn’t have a single meaning to human life.

The great popularity of Bram Stoker’s Dracula has made this novel becomes a basic inspiration to the expansion of Gothic Fiction which is starring vampire as the central character inliterary works.

This novel has also fascinated so many scriptwriters and directors of films who were influenced to adapt it into the new form of art works or in other words convert it into film. Therefore, from the beginning of its publication in the late of Victorian era (1897), Bram Stoker’s Dracula has been re-created into various films with similar title or either different title, with vampires as the main idea of the stories.

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The various adaptations of Dracula, in some ways, serve new concept of stories since the scriptwriters and directors insert their own ideas and perspectives into the content of the film. As a result, audiences who are probably…

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Analytical Paper On Dracula
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