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An amusement park is a delightful place to spend a day with family and friends. I remember the first time I went to Knott’s Berry Farm when I was a child.

I was excited and had an amazing time with friends from school. Just recently I went back and this time as an adult and not a child. Although I was an adult I still feel like a child again and it brought back memories of the times I gone when I was a child. Knott’s Berry Farm started as a small berry stand in highway 39 through Buena Park, California is now “The Theme Park California’s Call Home.”

Knott’s Berry Farm is the oldest theme parks in Southern California that was founded by Walter and Cordelia Knott in June 19,1920 it started as a berry stand and then became a chicken-dinner restaurant serving about 4,000 dinners each Sunday Evening and know it’s also an amusement park for everyone.

To keep the customers entertained the Knott’s family built a western-themed town that still remains. Knott’s Berry Farm has excellent rides, thrilling roller coaster, shows and attractions in four different themes such as Ghost Town, Camp Snoopy and Fiesta Village. Knott’s Berry Farm is the best amusement in Southern California with good atmosphere, shows and variety of rides.

First, the employees and atmosphere is welcoming and family friendly. Knott’s Berry Farm has a western atmosphere with great shows and food. They have a set up that resembles an older town and their food smells so delicious.

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Knott’s Berry Farm has friendly and outgoing employees that can help anyone that is looking for a ride, food place, games, and many more. When I went to Knott’s Berry Farm the front gate employees are kind and cheering.

The ride operators were pleasant, always said ‘my pleasure’ when we said thank you. The theme park is clean and if there is any type of mess it would be cleaned by staff. The trash bins were not overloaded with trash. When I went into a gift shop all the staff were friendly and welcoming letting us know if we needed anything not to hesitate to ask. Their staffs are really knowledgeable about the theme’s park history of the west.

Shows and Entertainments

Then, Knott’s Berry farm has different shows that are entertaining and exciting.

If a person or family takes the train they will see a robbery break out and at times they can choose anyone riding the train to be part of the action. For example, I went with my family to Knott’s Berry Farm when I was a child and my father was wearing a Dodgers hat and he was chosen to be part of the action tell him to put his hands up because he had to be wearing an Angels hat instead of Dodgers. It was entertaining and we laugh so hard watching the show off the robbery break in the train. If anyone goes to the Saloon they have a show called Calico Saloon Show which features a variety of shows right over the bar featuring live dancing and singing with a piano player.

Calisco Saloon Show reminded me of the old western movies which I like to watch everyone are talented. They also have Native American Dances show that are captivating to watch and one of the only places that hostess the show is in Knott. The Native America Dance celebrates the music, legend, lore and dances of the Native American tribes for all ages. The first time I saw those dances it was amazing a special experience. One of the best shows is a concert put on by Krazy Kirk & the Hilbillies at Bird Cage Theater. Krazy Kirt and Hilbillies perform their toe tapping, knee-slapping, and side splitting country comedy show that plays bluegrass music. Their personality makes the audience have a great time and I could it is never dull moment when watching them. It’s a great way to end the day by watching a show, taking a break and relaxing after a full day of fun.

A Variety of Rides

Finally, Knott’s Berry Farm offers a variety of rides for kids, families and youth where they shout, scream or laugh. Knott’s Berry Farm has Camp Snoopy is a place where they have small children kiddie rides. According to Knott’s Berry Farm website some of the best kiddie rides in Camp Snoopy include Grand Sierra Railroad, Timberline Twist and the Rocky Mountain Trucking Company driving ride. The Timberline Twist is an 18- wheeler that kids take charge of their truck driving through twists and turns of the High Sierra Mountains. I recall going to Knott’s with my family and going on that ride with my little brother. He was so excited and love going on the ride. Knott’s Berry Farm offer a number classic family rides that people could enjoy. The most popular rides for families are Mountain Log Ride and Bigfoot Rapids. The Mountain Log Ride first open in 1969 it take a person 85- foot high by 330 foot long mountain range. My most favorite family ride is the Bigfoot Rapids which is outdoor white water river raft ride that tosses spins and splashes passengers. I remember getting on this ride with my family and we all got shocked and wet it was so much fun. There was no ride so we went on it twice and got super shocked. Knott’s Berry Farm has plenty of roller coasters and ‘drop’ rides, thrill seekers will be satisfied. Plus, there are rides that appeal to those who have stomachs a bit too delicate for heights.

Knott’s Berry Farm is home of the most fun and thrilling rides such as Ghost Rider, Silver Bullet, Xcelerator, Bigfoot Rapids, and many more. If a rider likes thrill rides the following three rides are fun and ultimate amusing. The Ghost Rider is the longest, tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster. According to the Knott’s Berry Farm website it says that the Ghost Rider “Is the largest attraction in this amusement park and the largest and tallest wooden coaster in the world”. When a person wants to ride the Ghost Ride they enter a mysterious mine and board gold, silver or copper mining car before being seated. This roller coaster includes fourteen hills through twist and turns for about three minute journey. It’s an ultimate thrill if someone rides this at night every twist and turn is hidden in the darkness. This ride has featured on the list of the best wooden coaster since 1998. Silver Bullet at Knott’s Berry Farm is a ride that flips upside down and all around. The coaster train pulls out of the station and the coaster sends riders climbing up to a height of one hundred forty six feet and speed is fifty five mph. The riders will spiral, corkscrew and fly out into a cobra roll and a rider will find themselves upside down six times.

The Xcelerator was one of the best roller coasters at Knott’s Berry Farm that I enjoyed getting on. Xcelerator is a hydraulic launch coaster that launches riders 82 miles per hour over a 200-foot tall hill in about one minute and two seconds. Once a rider but on their belt similar to a baby stroller and all is safe the ride begins. The ride moves backwards slightly and then the green light appears which it time to leave the station. After that it’s a very fast past that the rider can scream and feel the wind blowing. All this roller coasters may last a few seconds, but those few thrilling seconds can make the adventure fun and the experience goes by like a blink of an eye.

Disneyland vs Knott’s Berry Farm

People who argue that Disneyland is better than Knott’s Berry Farm have not seen the The pricing of going to Disneyland The pricing of going to Disneyland While Knott’s Berry Farm is pricey a person cannot compare it with Disneyland. It’s a flat parking lot either across from the entrance or a little east of the park. A person will enjoy Knott’s Berry Farm because it less crowded and they have a better chance of riding roller coasters and other rides.

Knott’s Berry Farm will be by far the best amusement park in Southern California. Everyone and families can enjoy a full day of fun and entertainment riding roller coasters and watching shows. A person will always want to come back because their experience will be unforgettable. If someone wants a day with their kids without spending Disneyland price this is the place for them.

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