Just Eat It: An Eye-Opening Film on Food Waste

I think Just Eat It had a really interesting take on food waste, especially because I had never thought about food waste on this large of a scale. I see food waste happening in my house all the time when we buy groceries that wind up sitting in the refrigerator for months on end, but I was shocked to learn that forty percent of our nation’s food is not consumed.

One of the things that shocked me the most was the point of how much space agriculture takes up in the American Mid-West.

Crop Irrigation Systems are destroying the soil in the already dry mid-west, taking up groundwater that isn’t so plentiful. I had never thought about it, but the tremendous amounts of water used to water these crops could be drinking water for millions of people. It’s pretty stupid how we waste so much not only water and farmland, but other resources such as oil and electricity on producing food that won’t even be eaten.

I wasn’t very surprised that Jen and Grant found abundances of the same types of foods. I’ve spent a lot of time volunteering at a food bank in my home town and when grocery stores make donations they tend to be a large quantity of the same product, a product nobody wanted. I don’t understand why so many grocery stores in the documentary threw away their food. After thinking about it, I would imagine that grocery stores could actually save money by donating their food to local food banks and grocery stores like Quest.

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The grocery stores would most likely be able to write off the donations on their taxes, and in addition they wouldn’t have to pay as much for garbage disposal.

The idea of Quest grocery store seemed kind of like a rip off to me. There is a chain of grocery stores called Aldi that sells nothing but off brand discounted food, and it is open to the public. The application process to Quest would make sense if it was more like a food bank where you didn’t have to pay for food, but the fact that you are having to pay for food that was donated is bullshit in my opinion. I don’t think Quest should be able to charge for the food they have considering the fact that it is donated to them.

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