The following sample essay on “Inherit the Wind” analyzes the play of the same name and its protagonist, Henry Drummond. Is it possible to look at things from different points of view?

It is often said that there are two sides to a coin or perspectives the way we see things. You are either on the positive side or the opposite. Why is it that we never see the same thing and never think the same way but what if we could see things the same way from two different perspectives.

This is applicable in the play Inherit the wind where Henry Drummond tries to draw a straight line between evolution and creationism.

Godless and a sinner are the names Drummond received by the people of Hillsboro. He is seen as an enemy to the people and a stain on their religious belief. With all the names he got and the treatment, he got he still defended his clause. Thus, why is Drummond an admirable character?

Firstly, Drummond is determined and focused.

Melinda screams Its the devil(Lawrence and Lee 36). Melinda screams when she sees Drummond in the courtroom due to her beliefs and what she has been told. Literally, the reaction of everyone in the town when they heard that he was coming for the trial they felt disgusted and hatred but Drummond did not allow that to change his aim and his purpose for coming to Hillsboro.

Furthermore, he shows his determination when he is denied all his witness from testifying and reaches a stumbling block in his legal career Drummond, for once in his life has hit a legal roadblock.

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(Lawrence and Lee 83).The Judge refused to accept all witnesses that Drummond presented before the court which almost led to him losing the case but notwithstanding he found a way to sail his boat back which shows that he is and determined.

Secondly, Drummond is caring. Drummond is seen as a demon and a person with no human feelings and a dead soul on the inside but it is also he is actually a nice person to associate with. Drummond says He wishes to think(Lawrence and Lee 94). Here Drummond tells Brady that the treatment that cates received was not fair that he wishes to think and his right to should not be restricted, Drummond shows that he is humane and cares about the right of people.

In addition, he shows that he is caring by rebuking Hornbeck from speaking badly about Brady. Drummond says, You smart-aleck! You have no more rights to spit on his religion than you have a right to spit on my religion! Or my lack of it!. Drummond frustratingly tells Hornbeck that he has no right to talk to Brady or his religion in any way because he is dead knowing the act he is no there to defend himself. Drummond clearly shows that he is not all that that they say he is and displays his human feelings.

Lastly, Drummond is proactive and smart. He shows that he can deal with stress and intense pressure whenever he is faced with it. When the judge refuses to accept any of the witnesses presented by Drummond he comes up with the idea of calling Brady to the stand. Drummond says I call to the stand one of the worlds foremost experts on the Bible and its teaching -Matthew Harrison Brady!.Drummond knew that Brady was going to fall for it and that Brady is a proud fellow and would take any chance to prove it.

Another way, that he proved his intelligence is when he told Cate about his personal experience with the golden dancer Bert, says Drummond, whenever you see son bright, shining, perfect-seeming  all gold, with purple spots look behind the paint! And if its a lie show it up for what it really is!. Drummond tells his experience and gives advice to Cate that all that glitter is not gold that if a thing looks perfect on the outside why not dig through to find out what it really is which referred to Brady. Drummond shows that he could be smart with his options and quickly as possible he can find other methods and solutions when faced with tough situations which are characteristics of a smart and proactive person.

In Inherit the wind, Drummond demonstrates that he is actually the opposite of what we consider him to be. First, Drummond stays focused not considering what the people of Hillsboro honks of him and how they feel about him even with the demeaning comments he got, he stayed with his point which shows that he is determined.

Furthermore, Drummond shows that he is caring and has human feelings toward others when he accepted to defend Cates by taking up the case to protect his right to think and speaking for Brady when Hornbeck says all demeaning things after his death. Hence, demonstrates hes caring. Drummond again shows that he is an admirable character with the smart and proactive choices he made when he was left with no witness to testify then choosing Brady as a witness because he knew where his weakness lied. Truly, Drummond is not the godless, sinner and devilish man they claim he is, but an admirable character.

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