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Essay on “The Shadow of the Wind”

«This world will disappear not by the atomic bomb, as they say in the newspapers, he would die of laughter, banal jokes and habits to turn everything into an anecdote, and vulgar».

die if people stop reading and important to write books such as “The Shadow of the wind” Carlos Ruiz Safonov. This is an amazing book, which drown on the first page and do not want to break out of the words of viscosity.

Inhale – cold air burns the lungs and for a moment sober mind. And then again plunge into the passionate Spanish voice behind the veil of secrets

In the novel, starting with mysticism and cloudy sky Morning Barcelona, ​​intertwined reality and fiction -. Crazy, full of fear and love fiction heroes <. p> in the same extent that the Italians seem to us impulsive, extravagant lover of life, the Spaniards in the “Shadows of the wind” again on the verge of madness go hand in hand with death

we love them -.

ash shade and sensuality covered with a lace mantilla mourning. In this book, the air is hot – even winter air – and full of unspoken thoughts and stories buried. They are repeated in the new destinies. To the pages to the story, to the heroes themselves relentlessly approaching fire. A spellbound reader with fear should be the author, preparing to see glow corners of paper

Shadow Of The Wind Review

. «Books – they are like mirrors: they only reflect what’s in your soul»

In. hands of young Daniel gets strange book – perhaps the only instance of the “wind shadow” of a Julian Carax. It fascinates boys and forever change his life. From now on, it pursues the shadow of a man without a face who wants to destroy the novel, and the ghosts of the past, hiding the story of Julian Carax.

More and more yarn tangle of secrets tightened around Daniel, and the light that he can not yet to understand that there is, without which he can not find a way -. it Bea

«time runs faster when it is filled with emptiness»

The heads dare each other.. The narrative rushes along the streets of Barcelona, ​​for long breaks in the attic in Paris and returns to Spain. Mystic merges with everyday life, death comes on the heels, strange pain is haunted by Daniel. It spurs it makes act and become a man capable of love

«… the one who loves true love – love in silence, deeds rather than words».

Step-by-step. faster boy coming to the truth. At first, stumbling, but still confident he looks into the eyes of fire. And the fire recedes

If the first half of the book represents death, the second -. There is nothing but life. The wind changes direction and heads back to the present and back in time to connect the broken mosaic of life Julián Carax.

«Stop nervous, give yourself a rest from waiting soul rust».

rest comes with the morning, which the heroes waiting for many years. In the morning, when the memory will allow the fire to take his due – it will leave a few illusions that help again and again to look ahead and make even the smallest happiness .

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