Winter Wind Petra Durst-Benning Review

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If you’re looking untroubled Christmas and winter atmosphere of old times, literary claim and conceptual draft does not specify a heightened emphasis on historical context and not be afraid of clichés, has found here a suitable book for leisurely hours.

Petra Durst-Benning writes bestsellers – emotive historical novels in which strong women prevail against adversity of their time and a man’s world. As a Christmas treat, she presents with her house Publishing List a band with six pretty stories, the characters and motifs pick up on already published books and develop.

All end with the equally friendly as promotional reference to the reference novels. Who does not know the author, can here in their style read and learn immediately where it continues in the same way; sworn Durst-Benning fans will be happy, old friends reunite, even if they have not communicated much new; some texts might feel just as the second infusion.

“The silhouette seamstress” marks the beginning of the narrative romp.

Tsar Alexander Romanov has its eleven-year old niece Wera evicted to Stuttgart court, where it is to be brought up by his childless sister Olga. For St. Nicholas Day 1865 wants the child prepare a very nice afternoon. Simple is not because Vera is spoiled and cheeky. As a surprise scissors seamstress was invited Margarete Schwanthaler. Whose own three children are allowed, of course, do not come with their mother – they’re cold and hungry in her unheated home. With the rent, the family is already three months behind, but all hope that the job helps from the far home to alleviate the worst hardship, perhaps even to embellish Christmas.

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Perhaps Margaret’s artistry is not recommended. In fact, women Schwanthalerstraße convinced all guests present – but mainly she wins the heart of the rebellious little lady …

“This Christmas,” the second story takes us to a post office in the Swabian Alb on 24 December 1585 Christmas scents flow counter-ducal cartographer and surveyor Philip Vogel, as he enters the taproom. It is full to bursting; Only one place is still free. At the table in the far corner of the room next to Philip puts a man of dark complexion, dressed in green bloomers and a burgundy jacket of velvet, tied the jet-black hair in a ponytail. It is Safid Rashid, an incense traders from Arabia. Both men have homesickness. Rashid talks about his interesting life, from his long journey from the East … an intense story, arguably the best of the band.

The next story brings us back to our sober presence. (Fits really into this book?) “Decision between the years” begins on Christmas Eve 2013 in Frankfurt. Florentine Reiner is unhappy. Husband Rolf them before leaving two years for another. Another year of hard work as a consultant for business founders at CCI has drained them. After the holidays other work is to: you have to drive with her daughter Anna to the orphan house of the deceased parents to declutter it. After that a broker will try to sell it. Anna is not enthusiastic: in this wilderness, to Schwäbisch Siberia, and then on New Year’s Eve …

In 1904, we visit a family in the Black Forest, which operates the craft of precious stone cutting for generations. “In 1990, we look glassblowers in Thuringia over his shoulder. VEB Glass Art in Lauscha is closed, the turn has given humans unemployment. Where now the market economy the weal and woe of the population decides initiative is needed. Thus, a glass blower family makes the Trabant on the road to the southwest to the beautiful Christmas decorations in their luggage for all-year Christmas Wonderland Rothenburg ob der Tauber issue and hopefully to sell. Your dreams come true: The dreams of glass that have conjured them, many living rooms are decorated, and not just at Christmas time.

At the end of thirst Benning potpourris we return to the beginning of 20th century and to Swabia back. “White Gold”, the vital salt, is central to the story of the same name, which plays in January 1910 in Schwäbisch Hall.

The author has a catchy, entertaining and vivid writing style. Their stories are about people in need, which they overcome with energy and talent, skill, faith in God and a little luck; you can treat them. The obligatory happy ending gives the stories carefree character and positive outlook; one way or another instruction still uses Morälchen it. Very sympathetic and revealing the personal approach, the Petra Durst-Benning is directed in the preface to their readers. It describes beautiful as the winter atmosphere affects our moods and activities, as well as can take the author during the writing of that year to complete, with its characters and their emotional world grows together into one unit.

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