It Is Important for Interns to Set Their Targets

The following sample essay on “It Is Important for Interns to Set Their Targets”: describing importance to set targets and goals for interns.

It is important for interns to set their targets so that they are in the right direction that lead to maximize their professional development. The personal goal is a self-development process for the interns to become better individual and improve the quality of their lives. Every intern has different personal goals that they want to achieve and I also have my own personal objectives for myself to enhance my potential as an accountant.

To ensure my personal objectives are achievable, I should pursue to:

  1. Gain new experiences. I had spent almost 4 years to study my course of study in KDU University and I am very familiar with the KDU’s environment & culture. However, working as a finance intern in OSK is something new to me because I have little experience when it comes to working in the organization.

    That mean I would meet new people in the accounting field and work alongside with different professionals from different departments within OSK. Therefore, I would treat this internship as an opportunity to expand my experience and knowledge in order to strengthen my accountancy profession.

  2. Being knowledge about OSK. It is very important for me to conduct a research about OSK so that I can fully aware about what type of business activities involved, what type of OSK product and service offer to the customers, and many more. These knowledges would help me to gain a clear picture of OSK business and I can understand the important of my responsibilities as an intern would support OSK business growth.

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    During the 4 months of internship, I am going to learn the procedures and processes used by the employees in finance department on how to handle their tasks.

  3. Pick up new skills & techniques. I would be able to learn different skills in order for me to become more successful and productive in my accounting job. Before I can enter the workforce, I have to develop new abilities and sharpen my skills that I already possess so that I can make myself distinguish from other accountants in the job market.
  4. Practice resilience. Many companies especially OSK don’t have an easy resolution to overcome the difficult situation. This may demotivate me to continue my internship and the demotivation in OSK workplace can be treat as a negative evaluation from my supervisor for failing to meet the OSK’s standard. As a finance intern, I should take these negative instances as a lesson to develop a solution so that I won’t repeat the same mistake in the future. Therefore, it is challenging for me to identify the strength and weakness that I am not aware of them.
  5. Build my self-confidence. In this internship, I am going to work along with the finance team who have been working for OSK in many years. However, there would be unexpected event where my self-esteem would decrease when I make a major mistake because I might think my senior colleagues don’t need my help at all and my mistakes give more burden to them. In order to regain my confidence, I have to remind myself about OSK appointed me because they see my capability as a finance intern. Therefore, I have to put my mindset in the right direction so that I can complete all assignments given by my senior colleagues and also exceed my supervisor’s expectations.
  6. Build my professional networks. It is very important for me to build relationships with my colleagues within the finance department because they can be my references to provide guidance and advice for me in order to explore new job opportunities. Therefore, I should keep in touch with my supervisor and senior colleagues I work with so that I can build my own solid foundation of professional contacts.

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It Is Important for Interns to Set Their Targets
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