Intelligence and Personality for MBTI Type Through Three Different Sources

Trying to find relevant and communication based sources for my topic was a bit hard. After perusing for ones with relevant information I was able to find three that can help further my topic, For my first source I will be using Adrian Furnham and Joanna Moutaf’s, “Personality, age, and fluid intelligence” journal entry from the Australian Journal of Psychology. This particular source helps give a bit more information for my “MBTI Type” topic since it investigates the relationship between intelligence and personality.

The insights that I found to be important were points such as how the MBTI test was used in this study, how parts of the test were related with a negative or positive, as well as the correlation between MBTI test, The Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation Behavior scale (FIRO»B), and the California Psychological Inventory-434 questionnaire, Using the MBTI test to figure out how an individual’s personality can correlate with their scores on intelligence tests provides a different view on test types that l have not thought about.

For example, extraverts who are low in internality get higher scores on intelligence testsr Reading how certain parts of the MBTI test (such extroveits vs introverts) are relevant in intelligence testing, provides more than a letter that says if you are this type or that. The article helps provide such results with data that can show why an extrovert might score low on this and why the introvert might score high on the same test. Learning how the MBTI test can be used along other scales such as FIRO-B and the CPI questionnaire helps me understand that the test can be mixed with other scales/measures that can help correlate or gather data.

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MBTI test at the surface seems like a fun way to read about your personality, but with this source it helps create an understanding for the use of the test. Used along with other scales, this test provides another way of tracking data from participants and helps correlate findings from one scale to anotherr it shows that the test is used for more than “fun” purposes but in fact shows that certain results have certain meanings.

The theory this source uses the FlRO-B scale that assumes all human interaction can be divided into three categories which are inclusion, control, and affection. This theory provides subsets that can be used to delve deeper into human interaction from different MBTI typed people My second source is from The American Review of Public Administration. This source titled, “A Standardized Patient Model to Teach and Assess Professionalism and Communication Skills: The Effect of Personality Type on Performance,” is quite a mouthful but provided assessment of commination style by using the MBTI testi Medical workers, surgical personnel, and others regarded as medical professionals are asked to deliver bad news to patients By using MBTl as their method of assessing communication style we are able to see the correlation between comfort and delivering bad news This particular source helps my research by specifically providing the MBTl test being used in a communication standpoint, Trying to find ways in which MBTI tests can relate to communication studies was a hard thing for me to link since it could have been to broad or vague.

This research is able to show how the MBTI test and communication are intertwined with one another by dealing with a real life example, delivering bad news to patients, Insights that were important or relevant in this source were points such as correlation between bad news and comfort, how the MBTI test was used, and understanding communication stylesi Since the topic of bad news and comfort were used in this research we are able to see how certain types, from the MBTI test, can help show differences in communication styles The MBTl test use provides a communication lens that can be used to relate this topic of MBTI to communication By using this source we are able to deepen our knowledge of how certain personality types are when communicating, in this case delivering bad news We know how introverts are quiet and shy, while extroverts can be loud and outspoken but this study provides a particular context.

That context helps us use the MBTl types to see how each type reacted/did on the encounter and provides data that supports what goes on with each type. My last source called, “Taking Personality Seriously: The Five-Factor Model and Public Management” provides how personality assessment is used in job outcomes The reason I chose this source was because I had mentioned in my proposal that MBTI tests results shouldn’t be solely used to pick careers. This source intrigued me because of the way it uses the MBTI test to examine personality and the outcomes within in public managers, which is a profession This sources is helpful to my research since it provides a viewpoint from the career/job workplace area and delves into how it works with the personality test. From this article I found insights such as how the MBTI test is viewed among managers, how they use the personality tests in their jobs, and if it provides the results they wanted This source deepens my topic since it can help teach me about how the MBTI test can be used in the workplace. In turn this source can then help us understand personality tests and how they are used in a career job.

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