The Three Best Traits That Describe My Personality

“We are all, each and every one, unique in the universe, And that uniqueness is what makes us valuable” James A, Owen. Personalities are always a matter of describing who the person is and his/her impact by existing in the world. Each person has various different traits that reflect their uniqueness. As any aspect in life there are positive and negative traits. There are also characteristics that are more dominant in one‘s personality. In this essay, three traits were chosen to best describe me.

My personality is not limited to them, however they have a great impact. The three chosen characteristics are adventurous, passionate, and helpful. Being passionate has been a trait that shaped my goal in life. As most people in my life know that I am obsessed with sharks and I have worked directly with shark labs abroad. When something of interest captures me, the effort that is put to reach that goal is huge.

Studies, college, and hopefully work are things I intend to work very hard at just to satisfy my dream.

Hard work is driven by the passion that a goal is set for me to achieve. Working with shark labs, educating people more about sharks, and raising awareness for the cause I believe in are only but a few examples of how passion has driven my actions. Lastly, one of the personality traits that was hereditary passed down on me is being helpful. The concept of helping people has more to it than doing a good deed; but, it is more of a joy of seeing one’s own actions positively affect another person’s life.

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Loving to see that my help has benefited people to either accomplish something or get over something makes me more attached to it. Whenever there used to be exams in one of the schools I used to go to, I would write my own summarized notes that are very helpful. Then sharing them was always a must so that everyone can also benefit.

To conclude, each person is different in his/her own way. What makes my traits define my uniqueness is the hard work, effort, and compassion resulting from them. As a university, my personality would bring spirit around campus. Motivating people, helping them, or convincing them with my cause they will get influenced. Tendency of leaving a mark in a place in a positive way means that hard work will be done. And by rising and becoming a better person and becoming one step closer to my dream; others will be involved in a way that will make them also want to work hard. For these are the reasons I believe that even my uniqueness in unique.

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