If I Were Able to Construct a Utopian Society

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Everyone was has an idea about what a perfect world or Utopia would be like. Some people imagine it as trees swaying in the warm, tropical breeze, people laughing, children playing, Nin/ana, Heaven, paradise and perfection Destruction doesn’t seem to exist, but what exactly is Utopia? It is a perfect world, isn’t that what mankind is striving for? If I were ever a ruler of the world, I would focus my attention on religion and morals, government, and education.

This secular society will accept and be tolerant of all religions but will still hold moral values. In a perfect utopian society there would be no official religion. The people of the world would be allowed to have freedom of belief. Religion would not be completely necessary for there to be morality or ethnical values. Many people think it is outrageous to deny that morality is of divine origin, but there are religious values, and there are also the ethical values of society.

Some people find it important to strictly live by the guidelines of religion, while others feel they need only to obey society’s moral codes or ethics.

This is a never—ending conflict. This world would accept all religions holding its moral values at the same time. The right choice of government would be very vital to keep the world in order. If I had to Choose one government to rule the world I would have democracy. In my Utopia everyone would have a choice.

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The government would be by the people and for the people. It would represent the views of the people who elect. If the government acts in ways that the citizens does not like, they can be fired and a new person could be elected, Unlike other forms of government, democracy is about the minute man too, rather than the elite that are often separated from how everyone else lives their lives. There would be freedom, people would be represented and there would be the promotion of human rights if there were democracy. The government setup would work flawlessly if the right type of government were chosen. Since education is very important, it would be a top concern in my world.

Everyone should have the right to education. All education would be free in the world. The right to education is an essential human right. Every individual, regardless of race, gender, nationality, ethnic or social origin, religion or political preference, age or disability, should be entitled to a free education. There would be equality between boys and girls in all areas. Notjust higher class people would have the privilege to acquire a much needed education but also children of migrant workers should also have a good education. Also, there would be education for people with disabilities. There should be freedom from judgment in accessing education. Education would be the bridge for everyone to get the knowledge and skills. Education would play a significant role in my Utopia, If I were ever the leader of a Utopia I would focus my attention on religion and morals, government, and education. The thought of a perfect world is nearly impossible with all the wars and earthquakes going on today. But there is a small possibility, at the farthest edges of imagination that there could someday be a real Utopia.

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