Utopian Combination: Democracy, Taoism & Manu's Laws

The city-state of Athens operated under a form of government organized similarly to the United States of America. For this reason, I chose to model a portion of my utopia in a way comparable to the life I am most familiar with, Athens functioned in a manner with a multitude of benefits that have ultimately influenced future civilizations. Although the term tyrant now possess a negative connotation, my utopia would operate under a single authority, elected by the people, Democracy in the United States arguably operates in this manner in regards to the executive branch This revolutionary, governmental advancement allows for the promotion of equality and the protection of the publics interests, in illustration of this utopia, there are some ideologies that must be rejected For example, demokratia, the most inclusive political model of city-state rule, had major principles that did not allow for pure equality, mainly the lack of egalitarianism or gender equality.

In Athens, all free male citizens ran the city‘s affairs (Week 6 Notes), This utopia rejects the idea of elitist men directing socioeconomic affairs, Women of this era were recognized for unimportant reasons such as the linking of political status of husbands to the sexual fidelity of their wives (Women and Politics in Athens), The acceptance of demokratia and the rejection of social inequality are the backbone of this kingdom.

In addition to democracy, the empire would pride itself in a philosophy system similar to Taoismi Anontheistic religion would benefit the government, because of the less intrusiveness as compared to other religions.

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Taoist beliefs are recorded in the Daodejing.

This, however, creates a contradiction, as Taoist doctrines address the abandonment of both laws and religion The influence of Taoism results in very minimal governmental intrusion and yields the most successful leadersi With leaders that are both agreed upon by the population and influenced by the minimalism of Taoism, the politics of this utopia would function not unlike the Confederacy. Issues concerning uniform currency and a kingdom-wide judicial system would be necessary to correct, but overall, I believe the influence of Taoism would coordinate with a democracy very well as both philosophies are very liberal and independent.

Although the idea of Confucianism accepts the authority of government and the principles and practices are the causes of immense economic vitality, this utopia rejects it as weaker government will be more liberating, similar to Libertarianism (The Return to Confucius). Another important aspect of this utopia would be comparable to the Laws of Manu in South Asia The Laws of Manu were a sacred document that bound all Vedic peoples, regardless of their particular kingdoms (Week 5 Documents). The Laws of Manu unites all states under a common religion and cultural structuret Although this works against the almost libertarian beliefs and values of the empire, the unity would be beneficial as it would eliminate or help resolve the disadvantages regarding currency and judicial system. Traditions such as those listed in the Laws of Manu would only be temporarily beneficial.

The problem regarding traditions is that they become outdated and to combat this the democratic philosophies would similarly apply to the Laws of Manu, The idea of uniformity regarding the legislative system throughout city-states would yield peacefulness and tranquility. The idea of following a system of everlasting traditions is rejected by this empire. Democracy, Taoism and the Laws of Manu are all independently some of the most beneficial ideologies; however, when applied together certain aspects must be rejected in order for them to operate togethert Overall, the combination of these philosophies would yield an empire much like how Libertarians view proper governmental organization.

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