Zusak Is Able to Portray

The following example essay on “Zusak Is Able to Portray” is an analysis of Markus Zusak’s literary work “The Book Thief”. The essay reveals the plot of the “Death’s Diary: The Parisians” chapter of the book.

Death as more human-like through the use of characterisation, language and themes.

The chapter is called Death’s Diary: The Parisians chapter 52 takes place late in the book fragment told completely in the perspective of Death himself highlights Death’s reaction to all of the massacred Jews My thesis statement: Zusak is able to portray Death as more human-like through the use of characterisation, language and themes.

How does the writer use characterisation in this extract and to what effect? primarily narrated in Death’s perspective first-person narrator style use of characterisation helps the reader interpret death in a more human-like way Specific techniuques all-knowing and all-seeing narrator more human-like emotions can be seen through quotes “I shiver when I remember – as I try to de-realize it”, “God.

I always say that name when I think of it. God.”

The reality of war and more specifically Auschwitz is made clear The sensitive side of death is shown because of quote Death shivers as to erase the memory from his mind which seems not to work because it’s followed by a question to God of which comes no answer Death’s “first hand” experience in the war helps the reader visualise war Death makes it seems as though he’s talking about someone human that is traumatised through experiences in the war.

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How does the author use language effectively in this extract? Distinguish death into two different people through the use of the third person obligation to continue on with his job other his human side using the quote “I’m compelled to continue on because although it’s not true for every person on earth, its true for the vast majority – that death waits for no man – and if he does, he doesn’t usually wait very long.”

Quote emphasises that death is forced to continue his job when clearly he doesn’t enjoy it second part of the quote is told in the third person makes not death saying that he waits for no man but someone other than himself because use of language — two sides of himself death is battling with true emotional and human side. What themes are established in this extract and how? theme : love, caring Themes emphasize Death’s emotions and how that makes him more human-like Death does not enjoy his job but obligated to do it The quote “Please believe me when I tell you that I picked up each soul that day as if it were newly born. I even kissed a few weary, poisoned cheeks. I listened to their last gasping cries.

Their vanishing words. I watched their love visions and freed them from their fear.” death pleads for you to believe him (prove himself) caring attribute stands out “picks up each soul as if it were newly born”. each individual soul treated with respect and love he is an empathetic narrator Treats each sole like new born child like parents true scale of the Holocaust killings picking up the pace and the emotions death has behind them links back to my point because Death’s human-like attributes come out worry and affection for each individual soul and cry.

Conclusion: effective use of characterisation, language and themes to successfully portray as more human-like Highlight human traits because of caring like parent Death as the narrator is able to give the bigger picture of the reality of the war Broad context shown exceptionally well in the chapter called “Death’s Diary: The Parisians.”

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Zusak Is Able to Portray
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