The Advantage of Being Able to Enroll at the University of Wolverhampton

The work I have done in my degree course in Childhood and Family Studies BA (Hons) has convinced me that teaching primary age children is the career path ideally suited to my interests and abilities. The degree course has allowed me to conduct research into a wide variety of aspects of child development and the process of learning, and it seems to me to be a logical step from this to studying for a Master’s degree in Education, with the

ate aim of becoming a teacher.

I am interested in the many ways children learn about the world and the techniques which current educational research has devised to enhance the learning experience, and I am keen to explore ideas about the relationship between development and the ability to gain knowledge, the role of language in early learning, methods of stimulating motivation in young children and the role play has in coming to understand one’s environment. How important is the emotional aspect of learning, and what ideas are current about the best way that the teacher can interact with his or her pupils? Has recent neurological research anything to contribute to educational practice? Is early learning best understood, not as an academic training but as a form of apprenticeship in which the whole person is involved? There are also no doubt new theories about creativity, imagination and humour which need to be incorporated into the teacher’s methodology.

My work experience has already given me glimpses of some of these issues in the classroom and I am eager to gain a full understanding of this deeply interesting field of human activity before I embark on my own career in full-time teaching.

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As a part of my degree course I have spent a day every week in the reception class of Birchfield Community Primary School, assisting with the day-to-day routine of teaching – reading to the children, playing with them and generally guiding and mentoring them. I loved the work and the contact with the children, and I could see how my own communication skills were immensely enhanced by the experience. I also spent four weeks working with older children in Year 5, learning much about development and enjoying the challenge presented by a pressurized day, sometimes accentuated by work with children with behavioural problems or who had English as a second language. At present I am working as a volunteer teaching assistant with a Year 3 group, in order to continue my own development and to gain greater understanding and further improve my ability to communicate clearly with young pupils. I also spent two weeks with a Year 2 group. All of these experiences have given me much useful insight into educational methods, and also into the challenges as well as the satisfactions of the teacher’s life.

I am about to start work as a volunteer with the organization Volunteer Reading Help, helping children who find difficulty reading. I have also worked in the administration of a boxing club, involved in raising money to enable the organization to continue its activities. This has called for decisiveness and initiative, as well as the ability to work with other people.

I feel that my degree course and my work experience have given me a very solid grounding in my chosen subject and that I am in a strong position to begin a Master’s course. I am hard-working and determined, and very motivated towards my planned career. I very much enjoy working with others, but have the confidence and sense of responsibility to be equally comfortable operating on my own. I communicate and listen well and find that children respond readily to my teaching methods. As all good teachers need to be, I am highly organized and know how to manage the available time. My

commitment to my goal is total, and I believe I have the qualities to become a successful Master’s degree student.

Studying MA Education will not only allow me to cover topics that I have already studied such as critical reflection and research methods but will also introduce me to the new areas of research method and critical approaches to learning teaching and diversity which will broaden my knowledge and understanding of the topic as a whole. Also I believe the course “Developing e learning within diverse educational settings – designed to keep you informed about digital futures in education” you offer will enhance my knowledge as a teacher on different teaching methods.I am doing my dissertation at the moment and I am keen to build on my interest in research during the dissertation element of the course. I am expecting to attain a 2.1 or first class degree which I hope will demonstrate my academic ability to study at this level.

I believe studying at University of Wolverhampton will be very advantageous to me as I believe the program of this course you offer will help me with my career objective of teaching where I will be able to apply my knowledge and skills obtained through studies at your University. In addition I believe the facilities and learning resources at the university will help me to do my MA Education.

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