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English Composition
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In a competition where the winner will be the king’s killing machine, Celaena Sardothien and Cain were the two people to watch because they were both experienced with killing people. However, not everything is a fair match, as the reader quickly finds out as they read the book. Celaena and Cain have completely different backgrounds, strengths, and supporters. Celaena Sardothien has a complicated background, a handful of supporters, and isn’t very strong; however, she’s still willing to fight in the…...
White Fang
Reflecting on the Appreciation of Tradition and the Purity of the Past
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Pages • 5
“New ways of seeing can disclose new things. Do new things make up for new ways of seeing?” (p. 17) William Least Heat Moon's excursion reflects his appreciation for tradition and the purity of the past. His odyssey reflects his Indian heritage and the corrupting influence of modern technology. Heat-Moon takes a circular journey around the country. By traveling this circular path and subconsciously following his Indian heritage routes, William Least Heat Moon symbolically returns to his childhood, to his soul, to his origin,…...
White Fang
An Analysis of the Law of Nature in the Novel White Fang by Jack London
Words • 1182
Pages • 5
Eat or be eaten (92). This is said to be the law of nature as stated in Jack London s novel, White Fang. It is a law, which is very simple, both in words and in meaning. If every living thing abided by this rule, then obviously only the strongest would survive. This is a theory proposed by English philosopher Herbert Spencer and is also a theory in which Jack London had a great belief (Sciambra). One of the main…...
White Fang
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Why I Dislike English: A Letter To My English Professor
Words • 1281
Pages • 6
Professor, I am going to explain my experience with English and why I dislike it. I don't like English because I feel judged for sharing anything associated with writing and here's why. Fifth grade was a living nightmare to me, repeating the same day over and over again. Homeroom, which is where you would learn the general requirements such as English, Math, and Reading. I went to a school called mainly focused on the arts, getting the students out there…...
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Why I Dislike English: A Letter To My English Professor
...At the end of all of this and now with me being in college, I am going to as hard as I can to get the grade I want. I wouldn't care how many errors were on my paper in the end as long as I please myself and work my hardest. I will be able to accompli...
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