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Information War
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Within the past five years, election interference has escalated, affecting many countries across Europe as well as in the United States. This has demonstrated that although it has been recurring across different democratic elections globally, the exact definition is still unclear. The 2016 U.S. elections served as a benchmark case in recognizing modern election interference; specifically, the use of social media to influence voters and spread false information. In recent years, there have been multiple instances of interference in other…...
War And Peace
War For Independence
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A lot of things have changed over the centuries since Europeans began to settle in the Americas. From fighting to survive winter to a bustling nation of great strength; the same applies to the military, whichever forms it took on as either the militias of old or the US Armed Forces at the time of World War 1 (WWI). The military has evolved greatly and has learned a lot from its past failures and successes; such as the need for…...
Elizabeth BishopWar And Peace
War And Peace: Related To Occupation In Iraq
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Pages • 7
Identification and EvaluationTo what extent has foreign influence by the United states following their occupation in Iraq affected Iraq socially and economically? On March 19th 2003, the United States declared war on Iraq. Their reason was to overthrow the government under Saddam Hussein. The war lasted 8 years, 8 months, and 28 days. It ended on December 18th 2011. The United States was able to successfully overthrow the government of Saddam Hussein, but the impact of war in Iraq left…...
IraqIraq WarWar And Peace
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Elitist Definition
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The term high culture is defined as meaning the works of writers, artists and composers who are considered by scholars and critics to be superior to others. High culture is associated with the educated and more affluent people because they are considered to be more able to understand it and afford to take part in it. As high culture is defined as the appreciation of works which are considered to be superior, it is generally considered to include the appreciation…...
CommunicationCultureHuman NatureMusicPrivacyWar And Peace
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