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Virtual reality technology is the future
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According to literature there is no doubt virtual reality technology will be the future across businesses. This technology will change data interaction across industries; in education, in science, marketing, design, Banking and so on. However, this has already began in some industries more than others such as the Game industry (Fernandez,2017). This technology will not only enhance productivity but also make the decision-making process shorter for a customer buying furniture, or even a patient prepping for surgery. Sarah Murthi MD…...
Virtual Reality
The Pioneers of Virtual and Augmented Reality
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The following sample essay on The Pioneers of Virtual and Augmented Reality. Jaron Lanier is known as a founding father in the field of virtual reality, he was the person who founded a company called VPL research, the very first company to sell VR gloves and goggles. He then went on to work at Microsoft research. Ivan Sutherland is 80 years of age and he is known as the father of computer graphics, in 1998 he invented the sketchpad and…...
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Virtual Reality In The Real World
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Firstly, extended reality is the scope of taking the real world environment and combining it with virtual perception giving it a realistic feeling and while it is a good feeling it does have its down sides in usage. One such down side is the environment/ surrounding, with people being able to purchase their own VR gear in the house hold its going to be a fun experience. Well for the most part it is, until you break something in the…...
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Assistive Technology and Cerebral Palsy
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Assistive Technology and Cerebral Palsy: Abstract:             Assistive technology has continued to have positive impacts on individuals with cerebral palsy and other impairments. This paper examines the major impact of this kind of technology on cerebral palsy patients. The purpose of this paper is to highlight these positive impacts while describing how different assistive technology methods work. One of the assistive technology methods that are discussed in this paper is augmentative communication devices. In addition to giving a brief description…...
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