The Pioneers of Virtual and Augmented Reality

The following sample essay on The Pioneers of Virtual and Augmented Reality. Jaron Lanier is known as a founding father in the field of virtual reality, he was the person who founded a company called VPL research, the very first company to sell VR gloves and goggles. He then went on to work at Microsoft research. Ivan Sutherland is 80 years of age and he is known as the father of computer graphics, in 1998 he invented the sketchpad and was given many awards one of them was the Turing award in 1988 Palmer Luckey is the founder of the oculus vr and designed the oculus rift he was born September 19 1992, he was home schooled born in California the oculus vr is a revolutionary virtual reality device which allows the user to watch sport games in 360 degree vision and to be able to simulate scenarios such as in a sport or cooking or shooting people in games, there are endless things that you can do with the oculus rift and it is constantly expanding and improving.

Douglas Engelhard was born January 1925 and was American engineer who was an early pioneer in the world of tech he was also an inventor and after the 50s created a computer mouse this was the first computer mouse and this was a good start of the journey for computer technology.

The flight simulator is a method of technology that many people know about. It contains a cockpit and controls which are seen in real life aircraft and replicates the movements associated with flying an actual plane it also helps to build confidence for the pilot who is training to be a pilot so that when it comes to their first actual flight they know what they are doing and and so they are confident enough to carry out the flight without any limitations and complications.

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Mattel data glove: The Power Glove is the controller for the Nintendo game system. The power glove gained attention as it is very unique, its two games did not sell very well, the controls were imprecise and difficult to use, this meant that it was inefficient and did not work very well. Sport is one of the areas where vr technology is being used, something that is used a lot now is 360-degree cameras to capture and stream sporting events in virtual reality. This is a plus to all those sports fans who can’t afford flying half the world in order to see their favourite teams and athletes perform, another method that the sport industry use the advantage of virtual reality is to simulate game situations and to be able to choose things to do to ensure that you can make the right decisions in the actual game when it comes to a scenario close to the ones that you have been practicing. In the military: the military have developed a Virtual reality parachuting simulation this allows people in the military to practice on parachuting so that they are trained enough for when they go out of the plane so they know how to control the parachute and land, there are also multiple other ways in which the military use virtual reality to improve their soldiers and knowledge of what to do, for example when a soldier is having to shoot a gun they must know how to load and aim and shoot so there will be virtual reality simulations of shooting and testing the skillsIn healthcare surgery: there are virtual reality simulations of surgery’s so that the operator can practice on making the right incisions and cuts in the right place to ensure the surgery is a success.

Conclusion vr and ar are constantly improving and allow endless opportunities to people to increase their knowledge, skill or to just have fun with. Augmented reality is used to edit real life and add a filter to it the uses of these could be things such as snapchat filters and games such as Pok?mon go Pok?mon go uses ar and allows the game to be way more entertaining as you are able to see the pokemon in real life. Pokemon go allowed anyone who had a phone to play it this had a massive impact on ar games as people started to make allot more due to its immense popularity and even people who didn’t know what pokemon was were drawn to it as it was everywhere and so popular. The disadvantages of pokemon go is that it needed mobile data for you to be able to play it, it could also lead to kidnappings as the main fanbase of the game was under the age of 20 and to be able to do certain things in the game you had to be in the specific place to do so. Pokemon go had a huge impact on the society as it was so popular that everyone was playing it and The company Unity offer certain VR devices such as the oculus family and other devices. For the processor you need an Intel i5 4th gen or higher, AMD FX 8350 or higher.

In terms of display you can use many different types of examples, you can use your mobile phone for AR by using certain apps such as Pok?mon go or by using filters you can also use your phone for some types of VR, but when developing games use NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 for a smooth process. On top of the there is a need for high quality so that the game runs smoother For sound you could use many different ways to listen to your game/product this could be through speakers, earphones or ear pods these all vary in price the higher quality the speaker the more immersed you become in the game. Sensors will be needed in AR and VR games as it will make it as accurate as it possibly can be you will need an optical sensor for when the user is looking in a direction the sensor takes this in and follows the user, accelerometers provide great coverage of devices and mediocre accuracy and stability when it comes to AR games, GPS is used a lot when it comes to AR games as it allows the game to edit its surroundings depending on the users location, a compass is used in some VR and AR games as it helps to locate the direction that the user is looking in for a more accurate simulation. There are input devices that can be used In AR and VR games/products things such as cameras can be used for scanning the environment cameras are mainly used in AR products for things such as Pok?mon go, a microphone could also be used in these for communicating to other people. There is a range of products available when it comes to software of virtual and augmented reality products such as Zap Works this is the software that I used to create my augmented reality, The features of the software include AR development toolkits, AR content management systems AR industry and education, to make a vr game I would have to use the software unity.

In the software there will also be image registration this is used for analysing images so that it can recognise them easily this is mainly used in the military for automatic target recognition and analysing data from satellites, in zap works I use a trigger image to allow people to use my AR product there is ARML which allows interactions with AR products so that the user can choose things to do in it. My products aim is to allow people to go into depth on memes and understand the idea behind them and some history of them. The intended outcome of the product is so that people can understand why memes are so popular and what they are all about. Some products may be aimed at political or cultural messages. My aim of where I want people to use them is either at home or anywhere else they want to. My design doesn’t have a financial plan as it is free to use and won’t cost the users anything to look at and use. Most products will have a design plan so that they will know how much their product should cost or around a specific price. The design of the product will have a target audience for example if it is colourful then the age of the target audience will be younger the colours can hint towards what gender it is for my design is aimed at teenage boys as all the memes I have they will mostly understand and be able to enjoy more. The design of my product is for single user use as only one person will be able to use it on a phone at a time. My design shows the user all the different content on the application and all the things that you can choose from on the app, some creators have a resource plan to show them the resources that it needs to succeed. Some products use design tools to help create the best product they possibly can by doing things such as story boarding I did not need to do this for my product. My design uses trigger images to work, you scan the trigger image on zap works and then once it has loaded then it will show the product itself and let the user control it from there. For the user to be able to use my product they will have to have a fairly new phone/ipad that has a camera and is able to run the application zapworks.

For the trigger points of interest I used multiple different things, for example buttons and videos. For the layers and overlays I created different slides with different actions and functions. When creating my product I tested it as I went along to make sure that it is working as i want it to be working, firstly I created a test plan, A Test plan is a document that describes objective, scope, approach and focus of a software testing effort. Secondly I tested during the development of the product to make sure that it works as i go through creating the actual product itself is a phase of software development in which the software is tested in the “real world” by the intended audience or a business representative. The final step I reviewed it against the original success criteria. I performed an evaluation on my product to see if it turned out as I expected in the design and if it has met the success criteria that I set out to meet. My product is not made for business benefits but if it was I would see if it has delivered the business benefits and if the project has achieved the objectives that were set out. I identified the potential improvements of my product to see if there are any ways I can make my next project any better from my experiences. The developments in virtual and augmented reality could lead to improvements in treating injuries or diseases by performing the treatments in augmented reality to practice and get to grips with all the tools and know what to do, it could also help with education by doing things to do with biology chemistry and physics, VR could also be used in the army to train troops by practicing on building weapons simulating shooting and scenarios. They may take things such as the Nintendo power glove and redesign that idea and put it into new games to improve the experience for the user.

The benefits could be that it could help to train doctors and surgeons for surgeries and other medical procedures, it could also be used to train soldiers by practicing on building weapons simulating shooting and scenarios. VR and AR are being used in schools to develop students’ knowledge in different ways to help them learn things easier things such as biology they could practice dissecting a frog in VR to show them what it is like and this could be used in many other subjects as well the technology will continue to be used in schools and education and will progress and get better in the future. On the intro page when first created it it had multiple options for what style of meme you would like to look at for example one button would be classic memes and another button would be spicy memes but there weren’t enough memes for each of the options and it would make it more difficult for the user to use so I then got rid of all the buttons and just put one on that said memes. When the user clicks on the button stating memes it takes them to the first page of memes and there are four to choose from on one page when they click on any meme it brings up the background of it where it came from and the time it became popular. The second page allows the user to choose from different memes if they want to look at more of them, at first I was only going to have 2 memes per page but it was easier for me to put four on a page as it would take less time. Here is an example of one of the meme pages as you can see there is a video and two examples of the memes that they have with a description underneath explaining it all, at first I didn’t have any videos on the meme pages but this adds to the description of the meme and allows the user to go into more depth on the meme.

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