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An Analysis of Charles W. Chesnutt’s Story “The Wife of His Youth”
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The critical reader of the story called The Wife of his Youth, which appeared in these pages two years ago, must have noticed uncommon traits in what was altogether a remarkable piece of work. The first was the novelty of the material; for the writer dealt not only with people who were not white but with people who were not black enough to contrast grotesquely with white people, -- who was of that near approach to the ordinary American in…...
The Wife Of His Youth
Relation the title of work to its content
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For one thing, authors usually pick strategic titles that will eventually reflect to the theme of the story. For example, in “Desiree’s Baby,” “The Wife of His Youth,” and Mandingo, we can appreciate how each of the authors has chosen specific key words as the title of their story or film, so that the readers can have a basic understanding of what it will be about. First, Kate Chopin chooses “Desiree’s Baby” as the title which informs the readers that…...
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