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Writer of Magical Realism And Postmodernism
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Used as a way to show that all the soldiers were different and was relatable to the reader and of the time period. Tim O’Brien is a veteran who served during the Vietnam War and has since become a writer of magic realism and postmodernism, and his novel The Things They Carried conforms to the conventions of both genres. His novel conforms to the conventions of the genres by consisting of metafiction and themes of magic realism, while also including…...
LemonPostmodernismThe Reader
Acquaintance With the Chapter “Ramadan”
Words • 1585
Pages • 7
In the chapter titled The Ramadan, the reader is educated on the actions and practices of Queequeg, through the outside perspective held by Ishmael. This begins with Ishmael expressing his toleration of Queequeg’s religion, but not necessarily the respect it deserves. Ishmael claims to have respect, but he also describes the religious obligations of Ramadan as comical. As the day progresses, Ishmael becomes concerned that Queequeg is in danger, or may have harmed himself, because the bedroom door is locked…...
RamadanThe Reader
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